School uniform discuss resurfaces

February 17, 2015 - School Uniform

By Evie Andreou

Students and relatives associations have indicated that they are against to a re-introduction of stereotyped propagandize uniforms after Education Minister Costas Kadis hinted a emanate was underneath discussion.

The apportion was responding to questions about an occurrence in that a tyro was given apprehension for going to propagandize in a lane fit bottoms, even after his mom told a propagandize that it was given his uniform pants were ripped before withdrawal home and he didn’t have a second one to change into.

Kadis pronounced a emanate of uniforms was regulated by particular schools, that work within certain parameters laid down underneath a decrease of a manners some years ago.

Schools themselves confirm those parameters in conference with parents’ associations and students, he said.

“Beyond that, if some students gibe these manners a schools need to understanding with it,” he said.

He also pronounced a whole emanate was underneath examination in conference with relatives and students with a perspective to modernising. Some relatives had lifted a probability of standardising, he added.

There has been difficulty on Lyceum students’ dress formula for during slightest a decade, ever given discussions begun in 2004, possibly propagandize uniforms should be abolished. In 2007, and after a store of discussions between a ministry, students and parents, blue jeans became partial of a propagandize uniform for Lyceum students. Pupils had a choice of wearing jeans or their former propagandize uniform – grey, navy or black trousers or skirts and white, black or navy shirts/t-shirts or any multiple thereof. Jackets or cardigans could be phony possibly blue or grey. Some also concede lane fit pants. The central uniform is ragged in propagandize events.

When it comes to dress formula however, a method does not have clearly tangible guidelines, usually that pupils be dressed regularly and decently. Schools especially levy their possess manners as distant as dress codes are concerned, ensuing in some being stricter in their doing than others.

Following Kadis’ statements, tyro physique PSEM, pronounced that conjunction they nor any parents’ organisation had brought adult a emanate of reintroducing a propagandize uniform.

“The decrease of manners concerning propagandize uniform has benefited relatives and their families given they don’t have to spend vast sums each year for a squeeze of wardrobe usually for school,” PSEM pronounced in an announcement.

The conduct of a delegate preparation parents’ association, Petros Koulermos pronounced that they wish unity in dress code, though not for uniforms to be brought back.

He combined that there was a problem concerning dress formula given an essay of wardrobe supposed by a conduct clergyman this year, competence not be supposed by his or her inheritor a subsequent year, so serve burdening relatives financially.


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