School uniform discuss heats adult again

April 5, 2017 - School Uniform

The discuss over propagandize uniforms in Pitt County Schools — both a colors and a cost — is heating adult again, and Board of Education members agree a emanate needs to be addressed.

Chris Stancill, whose daughter attends Chicod School, expressed his concerns about a process during Monday’s propagandize house meeting. Chicod’s students might wear white, black, navy blue, purple or gold, but Stancill pronounced that when his daughter goes to high school, a list of supposed colors will be different. He suggested a customary list for each school. 

Stancill pronounced he was told by a house member that a process saves families money, though he disagrees.

“It does not, since each singular family has to have dual sets of clothes, even a lowest family in a county,” he said.  

Stancill forked out that there is no limitation on tennis shoes. 

“These kids are going to propagandize … a lowest kids out there, they are wearing a $150 span of tennis boots to school,” Stancill said. “You know what we am saying, so don’t dope yourself into meditative that we are saving families income with a stream policy.” 

Stancill forked out that other counties, including Lenoir, Greene and Craven, have goodness policies, that he pronounced Pitt County needs. According to Pitt County Schools Uniform and Appearance Policy, in further to being compulsory to wearing propagandize uniforms, all students are to be neat and dressed reasonably for propagandize and school’s activities. A student’s dress or coming shall not interrupt a training environment, consecrate no hazard to health or safety; be beautiful and incompetent to be construed as provocative or pornographic and simulate God hygiene practices and cleanliness.

But some schools can vary from a process by allowing “spirit wear” with propagandize logos or installation days to wear swap clothes.

“I have a large issue, too, on Fridays, my daughter can compensate $1 to wear a span of jeans,” he said. “If y’all are going to keep that cost in place where we can compensate a a $1 for my daughter to wear jeans on a Friday, let me compensate $5 and let her wear jeans all week.

Board member Betsy Flanagan pronounced she has listened concerns from all sides and believes a process needs to be reviewed.

“I do conclude conference from village members,” Flanagan said. “That is a pursuit to hear what we all have to say, so appreciate we for pity that information, and I’ve listened concerns from administrators, too, about uniforms that start with a small bit of opinion from a tyro , flourishing to something more, so we am meddlesome in looking during uniform process as well.”

Board member Benjie Forrest also voiced seductiveness in a contention about a policy.

“I consider a intelligent propagandize complement continues to keep a finger on a beat of things like that,” he said. “I consider it’s time for us to revisit it,improve it pierce it forward.”

Board member Worth Forbes echoed Forrest and pronounced he suspicion contention on a process indispensable to be non-stop up.

“That’s one of a categorical things we hear from students and parents, a dress formula is not consistently enforced from one propagandize to another,” Forbes said. “One propagandize they can wear this, they go to another propagandize and get in difficulty for it. we know that’s a box since we see that there are differences when we go to a schools. we consider that’s something we need to demeanour at. … We need to demeanour during how we need to make it.”

Parent rendezvous is critical, house member Anna Barrett Smith said. 

“I privately would adore to see relatives here for open comment, since we wish a relatives to be engaged, to know what’s going on and have opinions about how to make a propagandize complement better,” she said.

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