School uniform bank takes on gift status

June 8, 2016 - School Uniform

VOLUNTEER outfitters who pack out schoolchildren from deprived backgrounds will launch as a purebred gift this month.

The School Bank West Lothian was set adult as partial of a grassroots expostulate to stop misery gripping a country’s lowest children out of a classroom.

Created by Yes campaigners in a arise of a autonomy referendum, a spontaneous Back to School Bank network extends all around a republic and provides new propagandize uniform apparatus and apparatus to primary and delegate pupils.

Activists collect shirts, bags, shoes, coats, still and others essentials to discharge via a propagandize year to those in need. Now organisers have taken a thought one step serve and a plan will turn an central charity.

Launching on Friday Jun 24, a organization has changed out of a founders’ homes and into premises interjection to appropriation boosts from a Greggs Foundation and Almond Housing Association.

Founder and secretary Dr Moira Shemilt said: “We have premises that are full of propagandize uniforms that we wish to get to children and families who need them. Right now, this is a many evident goal.

“We do have a longer tenure plan – we are a member of a West Lothian

Anti-Poverty Strategy Group and are meditative about sustainability, business formulation and a longer- tenure future.

“Right now though, in a run-up to a start of a propagandize year in Aug 2016, we wish to make certain that we can assistance as many struggling families in West Lothian as we can.”

The team, led by Shemilt and daughter Kirstin Shemilt, perceived their initial mention from Citizens

Advice in Livingston within days of environment adult final summer and have given rubbed a “flurry” of cases, interjection to donations from a public.

Now an £8,000 sum from Almond Housing Association has authorised them to lease premises in a Almondbank Centre to arrange and store batch that had formerly been kept in lofts and garages.

More sum about a use and a launch, that will be attended by Communities Secretary Angela Constance MSP, can be found during propagandize

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