School uniform bank is initial in Fife

January 22, 2016 - School Uniform

Parents of schoolchildren who find it tough to make ends accommodate are to be given assistance by a new beginning to be set adult in a Howe.

A assembly is to be hold in Strathmiglo this Sunday, Jan 24, with a perspective to substantiating Fife’s first-ever ‘Back to School Bank’, an thought that runs successfully in other tools of Scotland.

The ‘Back to School Bank’ is run along a same lines as a foodbank, solely with uniforms instead if food.

It’s being started by a organisation WAAAGH! – Women’s Anti-Austerity in a Howe – that was determined to assistance assuage a effects of purgation measures.

A non-political group, WAAAGH! has members from all opposite a domestic spectrum .

They wish to join army with women from other areas in Fife in environment adult a uniform bank.

There are now between 15 and 20 uniform banks in Scotland and Sunday’s assembly will be addressed by a founders of a initial project, that was set adult in Renfrew.

“Hundreds of uniforms were supposing opposite Scotland final year by existent Back to School uniform banks,” pronounced organiser Aimee Chalmers.

“They yield families in need with a finish new propagandize uniform for their children.

“Referrals might be done by headteachers, doctors or amicable workers.

“Donations are sought by Facebook – any bend has a possess page – and finish uniforms are delivered to a home as a parcel so that a child gets a pleasure of opening a packets, and doesn’t need to know a uniform wasn’t supposing by his or her parent(s).”

Everything from winter coats to hosiery are indispensable in ages trimming from primary one to sixth year of delegate school.

The approach it works is that once a ask for assistance is received, organisers post a size, sex and age of a child who needs something on Facebook and people can possibly present a garments themselves or a income to buy them.

The garments contingency be new, though packs of underwear, hosiery and propagandize shirts can be bought utterly low in many supermarkets.

In addition, a organisation is campaigning for a standardisation of propagandize uniforms as many families can’t means a cost concerned in shopping blazers and other equipment in sold colours.

Sunday’s assembly will be hold in Strathmiglo Public Hall between noon and 2pm and lunch of soup and bread will be provided.

Invitations are being sent out to other women’s groups via north easterly Fife in a bid to beget as most seductiveness as possible.

Meanwhile, WAAAGH! is still intensely active in a village and has a array of open meetings designed as good as a hustings eventuality in April, to that a 4 North East Fife possibilities in a Scottish Government elections have been invited. List possibilities for Mid Scotland and Fife will also be invited if their celebration isn’t already represented on a panel.

WAAAGH! also operates a foodbank heart in ‘Muchty, where people in need can collect adult food parcels supposing by Cupar foodbank, and has purebred for an subsidy on Falkland Estate so that uninformed food can be grown locally.

Said Aimee: ”We’re perplexing to inspire women in the communities to come brazen and make their voices heard.”

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