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February 10, 2017 - School Uniform

Image Source: Tales of Berseria – High School Costumes Set Steam Page

Similar to what they have flattering most finished with any diversion given Tales of Graces F in western markets, Bandai Namco have followed adult their recover of Tales of Berseria with weekly batches of both giveaway and downloadable content.

These batches have generally consisted of a Catalog (which contains skits and provides entrance to costumes of a week), object or stat boost packs, and an collection of downloadable costumes.

With a new weekly collection of downloadable calm being done accessible this mornintg, players can now take advantage of dual new dress sets. The initial set is labelled during $17.95 AUD, and is patrician a “High School Costume Pack”. This provides new dress designs for Velvet, Rokurou, Laphicet, Eizen, Magilou and Eleanor – with any charity 3 colour variations.

Image Source: Tales of Berseria – Idolm@ster Costumes Set Steam Page

The second and cheaper of a dual sets is a “Idolm@ster Costumes Set”, labelled during $8.95 AUD. Coming in during approximately half a cost of a other dress set, this facilities clothes for usually Velvet, Magilou and Eleanor – formed on opposite clothes ragged by characters in The Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls.

Each of these dress sets are approaching to come with a series of accessories as well, as evidenced from a design above. However, while it is accessible (and compared to some prior games, clearly cheaper) to squeeze these costumes in bulk as partial of packages, it is a contrition they haven’t during slightest offering a ability to buy particular costumes to those who wish to brew and match. Going behind to Tales of Xillia for example, in my box no some-more than dual characters common costumes from any one form of DLC costume.

This is not a final collection of downloadable calm that was offering with a Japanese recover of Tales of Berseria, so we would design to see another call of calm expelled subsequent week.

Both of a new dress packs are now accessible for squeeze around a PlayStation Store (PS4) and Steam (PC).

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