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October 16, 2014 - School Uniform

I review with seductiveness a changes done to Durrington High School’s uniform and some of a comments done by relatives (Worthing Herald, Sep 18).

Having left by this routine as a primogenitor myself, along with a costs concerned of new/amended uniform, we can share some magnetism with parents. However, during a finish of a day, Durrington High School is a business and craving propagandize and not a conform parade. Students are there to learn in what is a comparatively brief time during school, and it’s a unhappy state of affairs when students are self-concious about physique picture and not fondness ‘baggy-style’ trousers. You consternation what will be next, students being traumatised due to carrying to wear a uniform and it subsequently inspiring their examination results?!

We have all been there ourselves as relatives – with ‘cardboard’ collar shirts, itchy-material trousers with bulk customary boots – and did we protest to a relatives about a picture ? No, we only got on with it and altered into whatever we wanted to during a finish of a day.

It’s a good uniform, students need to suffer a 4 years that they are there, as it will go really quickly, and worrying about ‘the look’ should be a final thing on their minds.

Mr D. Slade

Kennet Close


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