School Under Fire for Sky-High Uniform Prices

April 27, 2015 - School Uniform

The photo, published on Apr 25, 2015, shows dual pieces enclosed in a uniform set for students during a Dongguan Foreign Language School in Guangdong range that costs 2180 yuan, or about 352 USD. [Photo: Guangzhou Daily]

A high propagandize in Dongguan, south China’s Guangdong province, is underneath glow for seeking students to compensate 2180 yuan, or about 352 USD, for uniforms, a Guangzhou Daily reported on Sunday.

A renouned Weibo account, named “Dongguan Student Club,” published a post on Saturday, divulgence that a Dongguan Foreign Language School is charging 2180 yuan for a new set of uniforms, that consists of 18 pieces, from summer shorts and brief sleeved shirts to winter cloak and sweater.

One student, who spoke on a condition of anonymity, pronounced many of a students are angry that a cost is too high; what’s more, a propagandize did not surprise students and relatives about a cost travel before a uniforms were sent out.

Another tyro from a opposite propagandize pronounced their 14-piece uniform set costs only 900 yuan.

A expertise member from Dongguan Foreign Language School explained that a cost of a uniforms was formed on a behest launched by Dongguan’s preparation business and a uniform peculiarity is most improved than before.

The Dongguan preparation business responded around their Weibo one day later, observant they have orderly members from a school’s primogenitor elect and some primogenitor member to revisit a uniform manufacturer’s site. They have reached a accord on a cost and confirm how many pieces they need.

It was suggested in a Chinese media that a boss of Hainan Xiuying Vocational School in Hainan range perceived 6 yuan for each square of uniform sold, while directors and teachers got 3 yuan and one yuan per uniform sold, respectively.

Some netizens are seeking either or not employees of a Dongguan Foreign Language School are profiting from a uniform cost hikes.

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