School trips and uniform ‘unaffordable’ for many parents

January 9, 2015 - School Uniform

It follows warnings from a Children’s Commission of Poverty in Oct that
millions of families are struggling with a dark costs of schooling.

An exploration carried out by a Commission suggested that relatives face average
annual bills of £800 per pupil, with a costs of uniforms varying greatly
between state schools. According to a inquiry, costs ranged from £34 to
some-more than £500, with an normal cost to relatives of £108 for primary school

Commenting on today’s survey, Chris Keates, ubiquitous secretary of a NASUWT
said: “Parents’ concerns about a rising cost of preparation absolve the
warnings given by a NASUWT to Coalition Ministers that, on their watch,
entrance to educational sustenance is increasingly now on a basement of parents’
ability to pay.”

Ms Keates has called for a House of Commons name cabinet exploration into the
cost of entrance to preparation in state saved schools.

“In addition, a orthodox supplies and superintendence a Coalition
Government swept aside, that prevented schools from handling restrictive
practices in courtesy to propagandize uniform and from charging for activities which
were simple educational entitlements, should be reinstated,” she said.

A DfE orator said: “No child should be labelled out of a best possible
preparation and that’s because we have released worse superintendence to schools making
transparent they can't assign for preparation supposing in propagandize hours or
activities that are partial of a inhabitant curriculum.

“We have also told schools they contingency place larger significance on value for
income for relatives when environment uniform policy.

“Our Pupil Premium provides £1300 per student per year to schools to help
disadvantaged children and can be used to account activities such as school

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