School principal rejects sequence on girls’ uniform

September 6, 2015 - School Uniform

JEDDAH: The principal of a propagandize in Jeddah has warned lady students opposite wearing a new uniform, and asked them to continue with a aged pattern, internal media reported on Sunday.

The principal’s mount took a relatives by surprise, as a Ministry of Education has introduced new uniform for girls from this educational year and destined schools to follow a rule.
The newly designed uniform includes a blouse and a skirt. It’s a sleeveless dress with a white blouse underneath. The propagandize principal however reportedly told a girls to continue wearing a aged one.
Najlaa Mohammad, a mom of a tyro study in this school, was quoted as observant that a principal listed her daughter as a delinquent of a propagandize uniform since she wore a new propagandize uniform.
“The principal threatened my daughter and took a created oath from her that she will wear a aged uniform.” She wondered what will occur to a new propagandize uniform, observant that this function competence impact families with low income, generally if they had some-more than one daughter in this school.
Another primogenitor said: “The Ministry of Education should be transparent about a decisions, deliberation a mount of some propagandize principals.”
Abdul Majed Al-Ghamdi of a Jeddah Education Department cursed a schools that are violating a new propagandize uniform rule. He pronounced a preparation directorate will safeguard a gauge is implemented. “A round has already been sent to girls’ schools. The directorate will not accept particular decisions on this issue.”
The Ministry of Education behind a doing of a new propagandize uniform until this year with a perspective to giving time to relatives to get prepared, so that they do not find it a burden.
The new uniform was introduced following a survey, and a order has been implemented in several tools of a Kingdom.

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