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July 23, 2015 - School Uniform

DOLLARWAY, Ark. (KTHV) – School is right around a corner, and your child competence be streamer behind in opposite clothes.

Some propagandize districts are selecting to opt out of uniform mandate for a arriving year.

“Good for a kids not to wear uniforms, to demonstrate themselves,” Alandria Shavers says. Her mom responds saying, “Name code clothes, they’re so costly now.”

Some propagandize districts opposite executive Arkansas are changing their policies. “We don’t wish to spend so most time on policing what students have is about academics. That is a series one priority.”

In a special assembly on Tuesday, a Dollarway School District voted to mislay their high propagandize uniform requirement. Dollarway Superintendent Patsy Hughey explained, “It’s about training and training that’s going on in a classroom and not about each morning that we’ve got to take 5 or 10 mins to demeanour during we and see what you’ve got on this morning.”

Many other propagandize districts, like Pulaski County are also fasten a trend and selecting to rectify their uniform policies as well. Deb Roush with Pulaski County Special School District said, “What we found was over a march of time schools had adopted certain policies that competence be opposite during one propagandize than contend another and so that, like we said, creates it difficult.”

For years, uniforms have been seen as an equalizer, though it all boils down to a affordability factor, that is because for grades 6 by 12 in a Pulaski County Special School district, they no longer have to wear them. At a facile level, all students will now wear a plain colored polo shirt. Roush continues, “That doesn’t meant there’s no policy. The process still says we contingency dress appropriately.” Hoping these changes will be a resolution to a debate, both districts are awaiting to make training a priority again.

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Communications Director for a Pulaski County Special School District Deb Roush explains a preference to change uniform policies within a district. Jul 22, 2015

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