School house member: Senior’s uniforms are not uniform

October 31, 2015 - School Uniform

School house member: Senior's uniforms are not uniform

School house member: Senior’s uniforms are not uniform

Dubuque Senior’s Lee Bonifas throws downfield during a diversion opposite Pleasant Valley in early October. The Rams now have swap uniforms that are mostly gray. 

Posted: Saturday, Oct 31, 2015 2:30 pm

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School house member: Senior’s uniforms are not uniform


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Senior High School’s gray football uniforms have School Board Member Tami Ryan endangered about a pierce divided from propagandize colors.

“I only beheld that infrequently a propagandize uniforms didn’t unequivocally seem to be deputy of a school,” she said.

This propagandize year, a varsity football group debuted swap uniforms that are primarily gray. The school’s Columbia blue and carmine colors were used as accents and on helmets.

Senior activities Director Brent Cook pronounced students and relatives were vehement about a singular demeanour of a swap uniforms.

After Ryan voiced her concerns, a Educational Programs/Policy/Strategy Committee requested a procession be drafted to safeguard coherence in a uniform-approval process.

“I don’t wish us to be wasting income on purchasing uniforms randomly,” Ryan said.

Uniforms are purchased with district supports or fundraising dollars. With shipping included, Senior’s varsity football swap uniforms cost around $5,700 for 60 uniforms. The squeeze was saved by a fundraiser.

Amy Hawkins, a district’s jaunty and wellness coordinator, is reviewing uniform-approval procedures.

“For us, it’s some-more about only a checks-and-balance system,” Hawkins said.

Uniform trends from girl clubs and collegiate entertainment have filtered into Dubuque schools.

Many vital college football programs use mixed uniforms over a march of a season. Players during a University of Oregon, a propagandize colors of that are immature and yellow, have taken to a margin in white and gray.

Brian Kuhle, activities executive during Hempstead High School, pronounced students notice what’s function during a colleges and wish to “spark interest” in their sport.

Additionally, children who attend in girl sports mostly wear imagination uniforms, Hawkins said.

“Kids are removing used to that and kids are wanting to move that into a high schools,” she said.

There also are times when uniforms can be used to lift awareness. Multiple sports teams, including Hempstead’s volleyball team, have pinkish uniforms. Volleyball group members wear their special pinkish uniforms on Pink Night to lift income for breast cancer patients and survivors.

Ryan pronounced she understands there are times when colors support a cause.

“That’s smashing to be means to support that,” she said.

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Saturday, Oct 31, 2015 2:30 pm.

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