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October 17, 2015 - School Uniform


Watch out sailor sisters! There’s a new line of sailor-themed clothing on sale and this time it’s a boys’ spin to come out and play. There won’t be any trousers or navy hats here though, since the usually thing manly about these clothes are the bodies that will be going into them.

It’s a Boku Sera (“I’m a Sailor”) range, that uses a Japanese masculine pronoun boku to prominence accurately what sets a garments detached from all others we’ve seen before: these are girls’ sailor-style propagandize uniforms, usually now they’re built for masculine bodies.

The surprising roomwear equipment come from Bibi Lab, a pattern house which specialises in researching singular ideas and bringing them to life, no matter how dumb they seem. Previously, they’ve given us a full-body mosquito net jumpsuitthe snuggie that covers all solely your hands, nose and mouth, and even life-sized human-shaped pillows. Now they’re holding fleece to a place it’s never been before with dual special man-sized sailor-style schoolgirl outfits.


The Pure White design features a blue and white colour intrigue many ordinarily compared with Japanese schoolgirls, though if black is some-more your style, we can opt for a Darkness Black number. Both are accessible from Japan’s largest e-commerce site Rakuten Ichiba for 6,880 yen (US$57.71) each.


Bibi Lab designed these outside styles as “roomwear” equipment for a series of specific reasons. Firstly, it’s a good approach for group to see what it’s like to wear women’s clothing. While some group have no problem with parading around in public in schoolgirl uniforms, some-more watchful gentlemen competence prefer to dress adult in a comfort of their homes, divided from meddling eyes.


And when you’re lazing about at home, we wish to be dressed for comfort, that means we don’t wish to be squeezing into tight, ill-fitting ladies clothes. Bibi Lab has we covered, by privately conceptualizing their womanlike outfits for a masculine figure.

▼As prolonged as we tumble between a middle or vast size, according to a Japanese masculine sizing system.


Bibi Lab is also singing a virtues of wearing women’s clothing, indicating out that a ample inlet of the one-piece provides “zero stress” around the tummy area, definition we can let it all hang out while remaining absolutely gentle and lonesome during a same time.



The fleece element increases a comfort turn of a wardrobe so we can loll around with a lightest of ease. Now that we consider about it, fleece uniforms in genuine schools competence indeed work, generally in those frozen Japanese classrooms during wintertime.


And for those after some girly details, a span of knee high hosiery are included, ideal for display off a most desired strip of unprotected thigh between dress and sock.



In their common jaunty manner, Bibi Lab also claims that their product can revoke stress. If you’ve had a bad day, or if you’re disturbed about removing older, simply trip into a comfy soldier suit and all your worries will blur away.

▼ Because infrequently a highlight service of a no-pants lifestyle creates we feel like fireworks are going off behind you.


And if you’re a lady who never got to wear a particular schoolgirl outfit flourishing up, this is your possibility to make mislaid dreams come true!


▼ From reading to gaming to personification with teddy bears, masculine models uncover only how gentle life in a fleece soldier fit can be.



For a quick peek into a universe of roomwear soldier uniforms, including a 0 highlight happy dance, check out a brief shave below!

Source: Narinari
Images: Bibi Lab

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