Sailor School Uniform Girls Introduce 82 Sumo Techniques in Video

May 12, 2017 - School Uniform

To foster the arriving 101st All Japan University Sumo Kanazawa Tournament to be hold in Kanazawa-city, Ishikawa prefecture on May 21, Hokkoku Shimbun formed on a city constructed a two-minute PR video to deliver 82 sumo techniques achieved by dual high propagandize girls in soldier uniform. The oldest pledge competition contest in Japan started in 1915 to select a strongest high propagandize sumo wrestler, and has been hold in each May.


The dual “Sumo Girl” spent 3 days to film all techniques, from a 1st one “Oshitaoshi” (frontal push-down) to a 82nd “Syumokuzori” (bell produce retrograde physique drop).


“Sumo Girls Eighty Two Techniques”



82 techniques introduced in a video


The dual were so tired during a filming


Crank up!


From a prior tournament



Source: Hokkoku Shimbun press release


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