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January 27, 2016 - School Uniform


Most schools have a uniform process or other manners running a coming of their students.

There are advantages in carrying a propagandize uniform, as a uniform can teach pride, support certain poise and fortify and minister towards a ethos of a school.

The other advantages embody assisting to safeguard that all pupils irrespective of their backgrounds feel appreciated, safeguarding children from amicable pressures to dress in a sold way, nurturing congruity and compelling good family between opposite groups of pupils.

The supposed customary for propagandize uniforms in many schools in Rwanda is that girls wear skirts or dresses, while boys finished shorts or trousers. Whilst many children protest of their unflattering attire, their scratchy jumpers or their limiting ties, a some-more elemental emanate is mostly ignored.

Recently, we met a immature lady and we had a discuss about propagandize life – from feeding, behaviour, dress formula to teachers’ perceptions of opposite things.

She, during some point, hinted that she felt skirts disempowered girls. And her evidence was simple. Skirts competence shorten suit for instance.

“A lady won’t run quick since she is fearful that a breeze will blow her dress up. She won’t stand a mango trees since she is frightened of what someone competence see from below. And each time she sits down, she will cranky her legs. If a partial of her mind is always assigned with minding her skirt, tell me how will she ever do a best that she can? Why can’t she wear pants like a boys? If, for a initial 15 years of her life, she drills into her a robe of minding her skirts, we can't design that she’ll be marinated of that simply since we put her by a women empowerment workshop.”

To me, what she pronounced done a lot of sense, though again we was fearful that a thought of propagandize uniforms is something that is only taken for granted.

In many schools, girls, in general, are done to wear skirts and dresses, while boys wear shorts or trousers.

Although some schools also assent girls to wear trousers, others raise a gender order serve by allocating phony ties or jumpers to boys and girls. Much as this competence seem like a teenager detail, and an emanate that is not value bothering about, it is demonstrative of a confirmed gender stereotypes within a society.

What others think

“I don’t consider girls should be limited from putting trousers. It’s excellent for girls to put them on as prolonged as it’s what creates them some-more comfortable. we even consider it would check such poise as a bent for girls to wear mini-skirts,” says Patience Isaro from New Life School.

Bibiche Latifah Keza from Gashora Girls Academy records that, “Restricting girls from putting on what they wish creates that distinction. It implies that you’ve already set a range for girls, and going over would meant severe a required norm. It certainly portrays society’s thought of what’s for boys, and what’s for girls.”

Keza reiterates a need for a new propagandize uniform policy, observant that a stream process is inequitable and restricts new bounds and creativity.

“As a solution, we could have a day for all students to name their possess wear and ask them to explain what it means to them. So propagandize administrators would get to know how they are moulding a era of artistic people, that we consider is each school’s dream,” she says.

But for Toni Kasinja, a clergyman from Fawe Girls’ School, wearing or not wearing trousers has zero to do with gender inequality in a propagandize since girls do, to some extent, put on trousers during some propagandize activities like sports and drama.

“However, we would suspect that girls are authorised to wear trousers depending on a propagandize policies and community. If they are refused deliberately afterwards that can be discrimination,” he says.

What about a gender-neutral propagandize uniform policy, as a approach of usurpation that all students should have a right to wear wardrobe they wish to no matter what their gender is?

According to Martin Masabo, a headteacher of Lycée de Kigali, a gender-neutral propagandize uniform doesn’t unequivocally conclude students’ rights and gender.

“I consider girls putting on trousers does not interpret to gender equivalence as prolonged as they are given a right to study. The other thing is that this is not a single-sex school. If a lady wants to put on a trouser as a outcome of a problem, we demeanour during it and solve it; differently we don’t accept them to put on trousers,” Masabo notes.

On his part, Janvier Gasana, a director-general of Rwanda Education Board, says, “I consider this is not a large deal; initial of all, we Africans, quite Rwandans, have a possess abounding culture. Students shouldn’t be carried divided with western traditions and consider that it’s being denied their rights. However, if someone has a singular emanate during school, he/she wouldn’t be limited from sauce in a approach they feel gentle with.”

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