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May 1, 2015 - School Uniform

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A YEAR 9 propagandize lady has been sent home from Robert Napier for wearing a wrong kind of trousers following a tightening of uniform rules.

The pierce came as a warn to her relatives as she had been wearing a same kind of trousers to propagandize given year 7 but issue.

The new headteacher of The Robert Napier School, Mr Andrew Minchin, wrote to relatives twice final week – once as approach of introduction to a expectations he had for a pupils in terms of poise and standards to assistance them grasp their potential.

The second minute was send on Apr 22 and addressed uniform rules.

According to a matter from a propagandize a minute commended a infancy of students on their uniform and asked for relatives of children wearing non- law trousers and improper boots to rectify a children’s uniform to approve with a policy.

A primogenitor who contacted The Maidstone and Medway News told us that his year 9 daughter was threatened with siege for wearing a wrong kind of trousers and Kicker shoes.

Following this she was sent home to change into a scold kind of uniform – that according to her father she did not own.

He said: “I consider it is outrageous that a propagandize became loose on their possess uniform process in a initial place.

“They should have adhered to a process continuously- not all of a remarkable change a accepted uniform norms and and take it out on a children.

“Giving relatives dual days notice to make certain all is in check is out of sequence when uniform wardrobe has been excusable adult until this point.

“This tighten to a finish of tenure with dual days notice is not a picturesque deadline.

“Offering to place kids in siege is a punishment, not a solution.

“For many relatives this will emanate a problem and children are losing out on preparation if they are being sent home.

“In my opinion a propagandize seems to be meditative about a name and repute usually – not my daughter’s right to learn.”

A series of relatives have been hurt by a pierce – indicating out that Kicker boots are improved for girls’ feet than non bargain ballet siphon character shoes.

Many have pronounced that for teenage girls it is tough to find a ‘right’ kind of trousers as a shops tailor their propagandize uniform selections towards what they know girls wish to wear.

A series of relatives have suggested that a new tighter manners should have come in starting in Sep as year 11 will be withdrawal for investigate leave in only a month and it would have given relatives a possibility to buy a suitable clothing.

The propagandize responded with a matter that says that a minute sent to relatives simply: “reiterated a existing propagandize uniform policy.

“In a letter, a propagandize also offering support to those relatives who might have financial problems in purchasing a scold uniform. The Headteacher wished to strengthen a summary that, while a propagandize is bargain to parents’ situations, it is also committed to high standards.

“The propagandize has, with parents’ permission, sent a tiny series of students home to change into scold uniform. The infancy of relatives have given a propagandize their full subsidy in this regard.”

The propagandize uniform process is:

Trousers – these should be grey or black tailored trousers. No drainpipes, leggings or jeggings are permitted.

Footwear – these should be essential prosaic black boots done of leather or obvious leather. No boots, trainers, board boots or phony boots should be worn.

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