Resident recommends propagandize uniforms during PHS

February 2, 2016 - School Uniform

During open criticism during a Jan. 19 Princeton School Board meeting, Princeton proprietor Andrea Gerrard pronounced she had recently visited a high propagandize and was angry on saying “more there than she would see during a frame club.”
“I would like to introduce that Princeton switch to a uniform,” pronounced Gerrard, a connoisseur of a internal high propagandize and now a college student.
She pronounced black or khaki pants, along with a polo-style shirt would discharge a stigmas mostly compared with clothing. Gerrard pronounced she realizes teachers don’t always make a dress code, given it can mostly be worried to tell someone their wardrobe is inappropriate, though uniforms would discharge that awkwardness.
Gerrard pronounced there seems to a harder pull now than when she was in propagandize for kids to wear certain styles and designers, all of that are customarily costly garments that many families can't simply afford. She pronounced a span of uniform pants would approaching cost $30 to $40 per span since engineer jeans run between $60 and $100 per pair.
The proprietor pronounced she generally does not caring for a stream character called “leggings” and deemed them inappropriate. She pronounced they are radically tights that she suspicion a dress formula taboo unless they are underneath other clothing, though many girls wear them as pants. Gerrard characterized a leggings as “disturbing and offensive” and pronounced she does not wish to see a minute shapes of immature girls or boys.
She pronounced sexuality should not be on arrangement during a high school, and students are still too immature to make judgments about how they benefaction or arrangement themselves. Gerrard pronounced uniforms would revoke students’ highlight about what to wear and that studies have shown they assistance students combine and concentration on education.
She pronounced uniforms assistance learn students about suitable dress during a younger age so they are improved prepared for life after high school. Gerrard pronounced for example, anyone in a School Board room that night would be approaching to wear decent wardrobe to work, meetings and other activities.

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