Red Bluff High School looks during representation uniform

June 13, 2015 - School Uniform

Red Bluff Red Bluff Union High School staff got a possibility Friday to see into a destiny as incoming youth Mallory Rainwater attempted on and modeled a representation of a new rope uniforms a propagandize is in a routine of getting

The representation uniform was brought to a propagandize by Richard Kirk, of DeMoulin, a association from that a uniforms have been ordered.

In all, there will be 100 new uniforms that will be essentially black with a immature and bullion territory during a top. Two new drum vital uniforms will essentially be immature and white, Band Director Gabe Sakuma said. While a aged uniforms were wool, a new ones will be a polyester and nap blend, he said.

Thanks to a efforts of afterwards sophomore Alexandra Pomazal, who done a display to a propagandize house in Jan seeking about new uniforms, a propagandize practical for and perceived a $50,000 extend from a McConnell Fund of a Shasta Regional Community Foundation.

The rope had not had new uniforms for about 20 years and many of a stream uniforms were being hold together by people like primogenitor Lynn Strom, pronounced Assistant Principal Jody Brownfield.

The rope has scarcely doubled in distance during a past 4 years, that put uniforms on a behind burner since there was a need to reinstate or correct instruments.

It is expected a rope will see additional expansion when a propagandize moves to a seven-period day.

The extend news was announced during a May 20 house meeting. It was hoped to have a new uniforms in use within 90 days of that meeting. Due to a timing of a order, though, a new uniforms will not be prepared for about 5 months, around Thanksgiving, Kirk said.

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