public schools adopt some-more normal uniforms

September 26, 2015 - School Uniform

Calwell High School students showcase a school’s new uniforms with Minister for Education Joy Burch. Photo: Supplied

Public propagandize students will be embellished out in v-neck jumpers, shirts and tartan skirts from 2017 as Canberra school’s adopt a some-more normal uniform.

A consult divulgence some-more than 80 per cent of parents and carers upheld some-more normal propagandize uniforms at ACT open high schools helped hint a pierce to change a government’s uniform policy.

Calwell High School students are among those requesting a change to a some-more normal character of uniform, that will take impact subsequent year.

Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch pronounced a the Student Uniform Committee worked with students, a school’s house and a Parent and Citizen Association to brand a colours and character to paint Calwell High.

“Calwell High School’s new uniform is a unsentimental proof of a flourishing propagandize honour and clarity of temperament that students have in their school, and we wish to be means to assistance inspire that honour for students and families opposite Canberra,” Ms Burch said.

“The ACT Education and Training Directorate’s Dress Standard and Colour Code in Public Schools process will be updated to inspire a pierce to some-more normal uniforms. This will yield an entrance for schools and a Canberra village to minister to this direction.

“Students and families should righteously have honour in their ACT open propagandize and we trust many schools will take a event of support that this updated process will provide.”

Half of Canberra’s existent open high schools already have a propagandize uniform.

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