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May 2, 2016 - School Uniform

As a Guam Department of Education continues to examination and revamp propagandize policies, during slightest one primogenitor is branch an eye toward a uniform process and a consequences for students who destroy to follow it.

During a Guam Education Board assembly on Apr 26, Alejandro Gay, whose daughter attends Southern High School, seemed before a house to demonstrate concerns about imperative propagandize uniforms and a disciplinary practices some schools levy on students for uniform violations.

According to house process 401, students do not have to wear vendor-specific pants, shorts or skorts as prolonged as a clothes ragged is scarcely a same tone as a propagandize uniform. Students who violate process are theme to conferences and work fact though are not to be suspended.

“Unfortunately, we hear in Southern High that if a tyro is not wearing a regulated clothes … that tyro is given some arrange of warning (or) cafeteria detail,” Gay said. “Then after a third time or fourth time, suspension.” He pronounced that students should not be punished for not wearing correct uniform clothes and suggested stealing a charge and instead make uniforms optional.

Chris Anderson, director for Student Support Services during GDOE, settled that an director during Southern High had indicated no propagandize suspensions have been imposed with courtesy to uniform violations. However, during a house meeting, GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez settled that he had identical concerns in a past about uniform violations ensuing in suspension.

Board Policy 401 indicates a bulk of manners per to uniforms be dynamic by a particular schools. Schools are speedy to control periodic surveys of parents, support families that need financial assistance and provide propagandize uniforms as partial of a altogether reserve program. Schools have a ability to establish either to exercise a intentional or imperative uniform policy. But schools can also request additional restrictions with oncsensus from a superintendent.

“At a finish of a day, it’s really transparent in a house process that cessation should not be an choice for a uniform violation,” Fernandez said.

For example, a tyro might not be means to means a uniforms and they should not be punished for this, he said. However, suspensions have occurred in a past since of uniform violations. Sometimes, violations were masked as insubordination and students were referred to a former J.P. Torres Alternative School for refusing to wear uniforms. While these issues were a courtesy to him, aspects such as a cost, tone and forms of uniforms were discussions meant for a schools and their primogenitor communities. Earlier in a propagandize year, Fernandez met with administrators to safeguard that they were wakeful of a uniform policy.

Board member Maria Gutierrez pronounced there was a lot of craziness among schools since of a ability of administrators to establish many of a manners around uniforms. Gutierrez works closely with a Island Board of Governing Students, that she pronounced has voiced some courtesy per a manners some schools have in place around acceptable attire.

“I share your concern,” Gutierrez told Gay during a house meeting. “It’s hapless if your child has to be trained for not wearing a uniform.”

With courtesy to either any changes will be done with a uniform policy, Fernandez pronounced this would be adult to a board.

“There is some consequence to carrying uniforms. Where everybody is means to reside by a uniforms and it removes this emanate of what kids have to wear and what kids are wearing … it kind of only make everybody equal from a standpoint of what they wear to school,” Fernandez said. “If there is a need (to change a policy) and a house wants to examination it … maybe it’s a good thought to do a primogenitor consult about their ardour for a uniforms now.”

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