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April 2, 2017 - School Uniform

In a midst of all of a executive orders President Trump has been signing, UMBC has motionless to pass some executive orders of a own. The Board of Student Integrity has upheld a process that requires students to wear propagandize uniforms to any class. This has brought most fun to UMBC students, as many are vehement to start wearing correct and decent outfits while on campus.

This process will need students to compensate an additional price to buy a UMBC approved uniforms. Students will not be authorised to lay in on lectures though them. Students will also have a choice of shopping some-more than one chronicle of a uniform, though they will not be authorised to change a wardrobe in any way, shape, or form.

Every student, including commuters, will be compulsory to follow this process or risk relocation. “Those who select not to buy a uniform will be theme to reevaluation and might be relocated to another university,” settled Madeline Tripe, comparison confidant to a Board of Student Integrity. For those who can't means a fee, a giveaway farewell cooking will be supposing during a finish of a Spring 2017 semester.

Opposers to this process have complained about a due $150 price a uniforms will require. “It’s a small impassioned to have propagandize uniforms cost that much,” pronounced Alexis Schnitzel, a youth elegant studies major, “I can hardly keep adult with profitable for my textbooks any semester.”

However, these students do not comprehend a boon that these uniforms can provide. “The uniforms are an investment,” pronounced Jason Frikadeller, a beginner comestible sciences major, “You deposit some income in sequence to get a boon of building impression and augmenting levels of propagandize spirit.”

School uniforms will concede UMBC to benefit a repute of being a correct and preppy university, given uniforms are mostly ragged by polished and important members of society. Statistics also uncover that uniforms boost a clarity of propagandize honour and “[promote] certain tyro behavior.”

These uniforms will also diminution distractions due to inapt outfits, so augmenting educational success in students opposite a board. UMBC’s Academic Investment legislature predicts that a “retention rate of students [could] boost by adult to 20 percent” due to this policy.

Without a concentration on sports to get students excited, UMBC lacks a clever clarity of propagandize spirit. The uniforms, that will be branded with a university’s colors, will be means to yield a suggestion that many are blank in their bland lives.

If this process stands, UMBC will be a initial university in a United States to need students to wear propagandize uniforms. “I feel like this is a good thing,” pronounced Mike Shiokara, a comparison subaquatic biology major, “It will concede a propagandize to be unique, that is overwhelming in my book.”

The due propagandize uniforms will start to be sole in a summer of 2017. The process will go into outcome on a initial day of classes of a Fall 2017 semester, so get prepared to deposit in a suggestion of UMBC.

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