Pottstown High School students run for new uniform policy

March 22, 2015 - School Uniform

POTTSTOWN Student members of a propagandize house have asked that a full house revisit and maybe palliate a high propagandize uniform policy.

According to a delicately crafted memo put together by a students and presented to a board’s village family committee, propagandize uniforms in a high propagandize emanate roughly as many problems as they solve.

Among these are bullying over “brand” awareness, students in contaminated wardrobe and disciplinary actions associated to uniforms, that cost income and training time.

“We know who can means Hollister/American Eagle/Abercrombie/Polo brands contra who can’t” the students wrote.

Discipline over uniform issues also distracts from training time, a students argued.

“We need to be educated, not sent to (out of class) for uniform violations,” according to a memo. “Some deliberately don’t come in uniform so we get sent out of class.”

“Some of us get sent home to change, though don’t come behind since it’s a reason to skip school; we don’t have purify clothes; we don’t have garments that fit,” according to a students.

And nonetheless fortify referrals during a high propagandize have forsaken significantly over a final 7 years — from about 9,000 to usually over 2,500 — a suit of those referrals that are uniform-related have risen in a past year.

Of a 2,667 referrals final year, 747 of them were uniform-related. The year before, usually 58 of a 2,910 fortify referrals were uniform-related.

Pottstown High School Principal Jeffrey Hartmann distributed that any infringement takes about 16 mins for a staffer to handle, definition 747 infractions adds adult to 199 hours of staff time spent on uniform discipline.

At a customary clergyman rate of $29 per hour, that adds adult to $5,776.80 spent on policing a uniform policy, Hartmann sensitive a students.

The students also argued that a thought that uniforms make it harder to censor weapons and prohibited than “baggy pants” doesn’t reason water.

“During a 2013-2014 and a 2014-2015 propagandize year, we let a bureau know about questionable activity,” the students wrote. “Uniforms don’t do this for us. Relationships with adults do.”

They serve argued that “we are good during stealing things. Officer Mull says that book bags and purses are a distant larger risk than lax clothing.”

Student house member Emmanuel Wilkerson told a house Thursday that high propagandize students are “more mature and we’re anticipating that we will determine that high propagandize students, who are some-more responsible, can have some-more freedom.”

The house responded agreeably to a students’ ask with both members Kim Stillwell and Ron Williams observant a process as it relates to a high propagandize students should be looked at.

School Board Vice President Andrew Kefer asked associate house member Amy Francis, who was essential to a bid to order a policy, to advise a cabinet members on how to pierce forward.

Board member Mary-Beth Bacallao added, “I continue to be tender with how a tyro member are bringing a tyro concerns to a propagandize board.”

The tyro memo did not make any specific requests per a policy, simply a faith that a information they presented supports “a need to plead a state of the propagandize uniform policy.”

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