Police perplexing to locate pinkish trek and propagandize uniform of Tiahleigh Palmer

November 8, 2015 - School Uniform


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A candlelight burial has been hold for 12-year-old Tiahleigh Palmer, whose physique was found on a banks of a Queensland stream 3 days ago.

It was pouring rain, nonetheless hundreds of people still showed to compensate their respects during a park nearby Marsden State High School, Logan on Sunday night.

Photo: 7 News

Officers returned to a Pimpama River on a northern Gold Coast on Sunday morning after divulgence that a blank pinkish trek and propagandize uniform could be pivotal to anticipating out what happened to a year 7 student.

The 12-year-old was final seen being forsaken off by her carer during Marsden State High School in Logan only after 8am on Oct 30.

A candlelight burial will be hold for 12-year-old Tiahleigh Palmer on Sunday night. Source: AAP.

Fishermen detected her physique on a banks of a Pimpama River on Thursday.

Her means of genocide has not been determined.

  • Teenage girl’s physique found in Queensland river
  • Qld military urge hunt for Tiahleigh Palmer
  • Teenage girl’s physique found in Queensland river

Items including Tiahleigh’s white propagandize uniform and a pinkish Mambo trek have not been located, call military to ask for anyone who was pushing nearby a propagandize on Oct 30, or nearby a Pimpama River on Thursday, to come forward.

Police are looking for a pinkish trek in a hunt for clues as to because Tialeigh Palmer died. Photo: Supplied

Meanwhile detectives have shielded their preference not to make a open interest for information about Tiahleigh’s disappearance until only hours before her physique was discovered.

Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson pronounced military had been bustling interviewing witnesses and reviewing CCTV footage behind a scenes.

“Throughout that whole duration there was a whole operation of investigations being conducted and there were a series of (unconfirmed) sightings,” Supt Hutchinson said.

He pronounced he was endangered with anticipating out what happened to Tiahleigh, rather than doubt a merits of a investigation.

“What we’re here articulate about currently is a review of a plcae of a defunct child, OK?” Supt Hutchinson told a news discussion on Saturday.

“We’re meddlesome in what’s function from now on … anything that competence have occurred before to this, those serve investigations, we can speak to we (about) later.”

Her grandmother Sue Palmer is struggling to come to terms with Tiahleigh’s death.

“She is, she was, a really pleasing girl,” Ms Palmer told a Nine Network.

“I wish to collect adult that small lady and cuddle her and tell her I’m so contemptible that we’ve let her down.”

Tiahleigh’s propagandize friend, Ciara Ladd, pronounced a penetrating dancer was really humorous and always smiling.

“She’d always make everybody happy,” Ciara told media.

To assistance with Tiahleigh’s wake costs donations can be done to:

The Koha Shed Australia INC
Commonwealth Bank Aust.
BSB: 064087
ACC: 10145297


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