‘Pointless uniform changes advise schools don’t know a financial difficulty of parents’

June 2, 2017 - School Uniform

The propagandize uniform is changing. There have been rumours present in a stadium for a while, that have now been accurate by a minute home: after extensive conference over arrangements, it is happening. 

From this September, a ‘Uniform Expectations’ list tells me that all propagandize jumpers are to be v-necked and have a logo. The PE t-shirt contingency be navy blue, instead of a prior gold.

The trademark is a same trademark it has always been; a propagandize is not rebranding or changing a name. The (primary-aged) children do not demeanour scabby and a propagandize is a well-regarded, Ofsted-excelling establishment. 

But a uniform is changing anyway, for a reason not simplified in a letter. 

I think it might be to do with someone somewhere reporting their authority.

Costly process

“Buying logo jumpers is going to be unequivocally expensive! We’ve got round-necked jumpers for younger siblings to grow into,” we relatives have cried. 

“That’s OK, we’ll sell we a badges for £1. You can buy your pretty priced, v-necked, non-logo jumpers from a supermarket, and we can stitch them on yourself,” a propagandize responds.

“With what time?” we reply, “and isn’t that going to demeanour awful and final about 3 washes?”

“It costs about £3 to buy a jumper from a supermarket. And we’ll even stitch a badges on for you, during a tiny £2 per item. It’s fundamentally going to be unequivocally inexpensive and easy, honest,” they reply. “And, while you’re during it, could we greatfully stop promulgation your daughter to propagandize in leggings, that are no longer acceptable. She contingency wear tights.”

Acceptable changes

We hear a lot from undone teachers, fed adult of carrying policy changes inflicted on them from a government. They are fed adult of synopsis changes entrance late in a day, of a unconstrained testing of a children, of a occasional deficiency of clarity from a supervision per a preparation system. 

We share their frustration. we conclude my children’s shining teachers so much.

But to a propagandize government we have a message: please, leave a uniform alone. 

According to the school cuts website, my children’s propagandize stands to remove £348 in appropriation per child by 2019. We need to be in it together to quarrel behind opposite those cuts. But with many families influenced by changes to a gratification system, even a comparatively tiny cost being upheld onto relatives in a form of new uniform seems like too most to me. And it suggests schools do not know a predicament, that creates us reduction expected to know theirs. 

Fiona Hughes is a freelance author formed in a south-west of England.

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