Pickering relatives doubt uniform corner in Catholic propagandize board

November 30, 2016 - School Uniform

PICKERING — Parents of a Pickering teen were repelled when they saw a check for their daughter’s Catholic propagandize uniform this year.

“I suspicion a cost was really ridiculous,” pronounced a St. Mary Catholic Secondary School student’s mother, Chou Yahuei, who pronounced she creates smallest wage.

The sum came to around $500, and a integrate felt their squeeze for their daughter, who was about to start Grade 9 during a time, was modest: dual kilts, a long-sleeved shirt, a short-sleeved shirt, stockings, a sweater and socks.

They pronounced they found identical equipment such as socks, shirts and pants for a almost reduce cost during internal realtors. And they finished adult returning a garments in foster of used items.

How can they assign so much? It doesn’t make sense. Chou Yahuei, Pickering parent

The integrate questions because a house continues to use a same provider, McCarthy, rather than opening it adult to competition.

“We trust in a Catholic preparation complement and a advantage of carrying uniforms. We only don’t see because a uniforms should cost so much,” Yahuei said.

Ryan Putnam, superintendent of business and arch financial officer for a Durham Catholic District School Board, explained a board’s stream agreement with McCarthy resulted from a converging of a series of bequest contracts a retailer had with a sole schools, that had been a board’s past practice.

The stream agreement is set to end in 2018. Putnam could not contend how prolonged a house has been regulating McCarthy as a uniform supplier, though during slightest for a 15 years he has been operative during a Catholic board.

Putnam pronounced a house will cruise usurpation bids by other uniform suppliers in a future.

“We’ll be going out in 2017 for this sole use if we feel that it’s a best seductiveness of a community,” he said.

Yahuei records a uniforms are done in China.

“How can they assign so much? It doesn’t make sense,” Yahuei said.

But Putnam pronounced McCarthy’s pledge of ethically done attire was a vital cause when selecting a supplier, that has a zero-tolerance process when it comes to tellurian manufacturing, that includes child work and forced labour.

Putnam pronounced house staff deliberate a series of other factors with honour to selecting McCarthy, with a vital concentration on price, use and quality.

“We’ll always consider value for money,” pronounced Putnam.

He indicated other play that have recently selected to use opposite suppliers are not receiving a same peculiarity that McCarthy offers. Staff will import those practice opposite a possess as one of a factors when deliberation either to use McCarthy or to go with another retailer in a future.

Schools horde kindly used uniform sales, pronounced Putnam. And if families find themselves in financial constraints, propagandize principals will work with them to yield some uniform assistance. He pronounced a house does accept a tiny kingship from McCarthy, and that goes into a module that helps those wanting assistance in purchasing or replacing their uniforms.

Putnam pronounced while a house encourages students to wear equipment sole by McCarthy, some opt to wear general equipment such as pants or hosiery — a equipment that do not arrangement a school’s design — from other sell stores.

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