Parents speak of holding emanate of propagandize uniforms in Saugus to state level

January 19, 2016 - School Uniform

SAUGUS — Parent Melissa Breda asked a School Department to cruise instituting propagandize uniforms since she feels it would radically make life most easier for students.

“It would discharge a standing quo,” she said. “I trust it would assistance families with a cost of putting kids by propagandize only with attire.”

According to Breda roughly 3.8 percent of Saugus families live during or next a misery level. She believes that requiring a uniform would assistance palliate a financial weight of fashion.

“It’s unequivocally unhappy to see a child laughed during since they’re not wearing a right garments or shoes,” she said.

Breda certified that has never happened to her children.

“We’ve been unequivocally fortunate,” she said. “But I’ve seen children treated badly since they weren’t wearing a right clothes,”

Breda and her husband, Eric, have 4 children, 3 in Saugus schools and one, who only started seventh class during a Pioneer Charter School, who contingency wear a propagandize uniform.

“It cost me $140 for a year’s value of clothing,” she said.

Breda pronounced she would like to see students compulsory to wear something elementary like khakis or chinos, a polo shirt and a cardigan. The schools could also have dress-down days and offer dress-down points, where students could acquire a right to skip wearing a uniform on special days such as their birthdays.

She pronounced she even found a association that would rise an online emporium to make things easy for relatives and offering to give behind a certain commission of sales.

The theme is not an unknown one in Saugus. School Committee Chairman Wendy Reed pronounced it has come adult in a past and actions have been taken to tie a propagandize dress code.

“But we found in open schools we unequivocally can’t charge uniforms,” she said.

Reed pronounced they ran a commander module in dual schools where they offering shirts with a school’s name festooned on them in a hopes students would adopt their possess dress code.

“It didn’t take off,” she said.

Committee member Arthur Grabowski pronounced he concluded with Breda and even asked a executive of a Massachusetts Association of School Committees what could be done.

“The emanate of dress codes is a dicey one,” he said. “Legally we can’t charge them.”

Grabowski pronounced there are stipulations, if wardrobe is disruptive to a propagandize sourroundings or damaging to a tyro who is wearing it, it can be criminialized though they can’t spell out a process that for example, bars girls from wearing flip-flops.

“I trust teachers should have dress codes,” he added. “You can’t tell a clergyman they can’t wear jeans in a classroom since it’s not a reserve issue.”

Eric Breda wondered how Revere managed a dress formula when other open schools unsuccessful to make it work. According to a Revere High School handbook, Revere doesn’t have a propagandize uniform policy, what it has is a unequivocally despotic dress code, that it adheres to. Grabowski also remarkable that licence schools are authorised to make dress codes since students select to go there.

Eric Breda asked a cabinet if it would cruise reforming a subcommittee to demeanour into a emanate and Reed pronounced she would see if there was any seductiveness in a matter.

Committee member Rick Doucette suggested Breda competence wish to conflict a emanate on a state level.

“That was my thought too, going to a state,” she said. “I consider it should be statewide. we know it won’t take all a problems divided though it will help.”

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