Parents Fired Up About School Uniform Code

August 13, 2014 - School Uniform

GUILFORD COUNTY, NC — Does what a tyro wear to propagandize build character? That doubt is partial of a stream discuss between relatives and some Guilford County propagandize administrators.

Some relatives contend a district should stop permitting particular schools to adopt a uniform dress code.

About 36 out of 126 schools in a district need students to wear uniforms that are typically khaki pants/skirts with a polo shirt.

The propagandize house upheld a sustenance that allows schools to confirm either to make a uniform dress formula (Standard Mode of Dress/SMOD) about 5 years ago.

Some relatives have complained and a emanate came to a conduct Tuesday night during a propagandize house meeting.

“I don’t know since we consider only since we live in a Title we district, we can’t dress my child. It should be left for me as a parent,” pronounced Megan Eller, a parent. “This has been a long, prolonged review and I’m sleepy of it!”

Several relatives complained a SMOD process is discriminatory since 30 of a 36 schools in that it is compulsory are in low-income, high minority communities or designated Title we schools. They also pronounced students were being taken out of classrooms for things like not tucking in their shirts, logos on polos being too large or not carrying a right belt.

“Why are some of a schools in SMOD and some are not if SMOD is so good for everyone?,” orator Linda Mozell asked in front of a house during a open comments apportionment of a meeting. “We need to speak about character, we need to indication character, and we need to stop putting children in wardrobe and consider that that builds character.”

Some propagandize Board members tell WFMY News 2 a SMOD sustenance was combined to a district’s process with good intentions: cheaper clothes, simply identifying students contra visitors and fewer distractions in class.

But Board Member Ed Price and Vice Chair Amos Quick contend teachers are holding too most time policing a dress formula and in spin a process has been disruptive to classroom learning.

“We’re carrying teachers and administrators who are carrying to worry about dress formula now instead of educating children and it seems like it’s holding time divided from classroom time and educating children…to worry about what they are wearing,” Price said.

Quick added, “These teenager things that should not miscarry a student’s instruction have turn too disruptive to children’s instructions. And in my opinion, it’s time that we contend ‘enough’.”

A tyro in one of a district’s SMOD enforced schools also spoke during a house meeting, saying, “It’s really astray and my peers as we students, we have leisure of debate though not leisure of clothes. Please mislay SMOD.”

Quick says he has not listened from one primogenitor who wants a uniforms to stay though a house is permitting a 30 days open criticism duration before voting on either to do divided with SMOD.

If eliminated, it would start subsequent propagandize year.

Ben L. Smith High School, a SMOD-enforced school, will not need uniforms this year.

The propagandize says administrators and relatives voted to do divided with a process after complaints.

Comments about a uniform dress formula can be emailed to or to Policy Development, Guilford County Schools, 712 N. Eugene St., Greensboro, N.C. 27401.

Comments will be supposed until Sep 11.

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