Parents call for new propagandize uniform policy

April 22, 2015 - School Uniform

Jan O'Sullivan
Jan O’Sullivan

The crippling costs of children’s uniforms has stirred thousands of families to call on Education Minister Jan O’Sullivan to deliver legislation to change propagandize policies.


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Almost 4,000 families have now affianced their support to an online petition job for a new order that would concede relatives to buy most cheaper general propagandize uniforms and afterwards tack on propagandize crests. As it stands schools can insist relatives buy uniforms from pre-approved retailers.

The organisation behind a inhabitant campaign, called Can a Crest, says a pierce could save families adult to €400 each year and some-more than €4,400 over a march of a child’s sum time in school.

The debate follows investigate by website, that found that some-more than half of mothers knowledge financial problem in putting their child by school.

Jennifer Cassidy, a Dublin mom of dual immature boys, pronounced shopping a uniform was “increasingly some-more costly and challenging”. “Jumpers and trousers get ripped. It’s really costly perplexing to reinstate them. Changes to uniform process permitting for general uniforms would make a outrageous difference,” she said.

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