Parents protest propagandize uniform changes during Stockley Academy

September 20, 2015 - School Uniform

An online petition vituperation opposite propagandize uniform changes during a Hillingdon propagandize has collected roughly 500 signatures.

Parents of children who attend Stockley Academy, in Yiewsley, are dissapoint uniformed bags are now requisite during a school.

The propagandize bags are black with a red academy trademark and come in 4 opposite styles, trimming from £9 to £17.50 in price.

The petition states: “Students should have a right to wear a bag of their choice. we trust creation them wearing all a same bag they are not usually looking like one another though also loosing there [sic] identity.”

The cheer comes after a propagandize vowed to spin a dilemma after their latest ‘inadequate’ OFSTED report.

‘Not cheap’

One parent, whose Year 9 daughter attends a school, pronounced she was disturbed a propagandize was prioritising uniform over her child’s education.

She said: “I know a lot of a people whose children go there.

“Everyone is voicing their concerns and meditative of pulling their children out since [the principal] is some-more disturbed about what a kids demeanour like than their tangible education.

“We got a content observant we have to buy a bags and we don’t have a choice, though some relatives can’t means it.

“I can, though other relatives who are on advantages can’t – they’re not cheap.”

Kelly Stevens, primogenitor of a Year 10 pupil, pronounced she endangered bags would get stolen or go missing.

She said: “If any child has a same bag, they’re going to be picking adult any others bags.

“They’ve got their train passes in there, their doorway keys and phones in there and we only consider all is going to go missing.

“You could put a name in a bag though what child is going to demeanour by a bag to see what name it is, they’d only wish to collect a bag up, leave a classroom and go.”


Josephine Sisodia, mom of a Year 10 pupil, pronounced she was “not happy during all” about a changes that have been made.

She said: “They’ve altered everything, as good as shirt and shoes, going to a school.

“Some of us didn’t know that we had to have these bags. [The school] have given them a bags and they’re insisting on us profitable for them as well.

“They’re station outward a gates when a children are going in in a morning checking their uniforms. we consider it’s positively ridiculous.”

Ms Sisodia sealed a online petition,adding she would be “boycotting” a new bags.

She added: “I consider it’s outrageous that they’re concentrating on bags and boots when clearly they should be concentrating on a children’s education.”

‘Good value’

Principal Leo Gilbert, however, who was allocated in May, pronounced he was “very pleased” with a new bags.

He said: “The approach we wear uniform says how we value preparation and how unapproachable we are to be a member of Stockley Academy.

“Within a initial week or dual we managed to urge a smartness and coherence of student’s uniform.”

Mr Gilbert pronounced girls formerly came to a propagandize wearing “expensive engineer handbags” and boys would lift “little pouches” that were “too tiny and not suitable for carrying equipment”.

He added: “The immeasurable infancy of students came to propagandize wearing a bag and we’ve had lots of certain comments from relatives about how good a bags were that they’re good value and crucially, that they overcame this emanate of students pressuring their relatives into shopping an costly bag for them, so we consider it wins all ways round.”

The principal also pronounced he’s seen a petition and takes a concerns of bags going blank “very seriously”.

“We’ve addressed that by permitting students to subtly personalise their bags and there being a operation of designs to select from,” he added.

“The follower bag is substantially a best seller. To me, £9 is for a good peculiarity propagandize bag is good value.”

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