Parents’ annoy after daughter sent home in propagandize uniform row

June 2, 2015 - School Uniform

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THE relatives of a girl, who was sent home from propagandize after being told her trousers were not acceptable, have bloody a “ridiculous” decision.

Jade Welch, 15, of Margate, was one of around 30 students to tumble tainted of a uniform clampdown yesterday (Monday) morning during Charles Dickens School in Broadstairs.

Mum, Jeanette Welch, and stepdad, Michael Charles, were among a organisation of a dozen mad relatives who headed to a propagandize after finding their children had been told to go home.

Ms Welch said: “It was mayhem. They were interlude kids from entrance into school, there were girls erratic a streets, crying.

“A lot of us pronounced ‘they are scarcely finished, they have usually got a few weeks left’, though a propagandize wants them to have opposite trousers and a lot of people can't buy them during a moment.

“The kids were removing really stressed out- Jade had a ridicule examination in a afternoon.”

The propagandize sent out a newsletter on May 22, advising relatives a stricter dress formula would be enforced after half term.

From September, girls during Charles Dickens will usually be means to wear a singular character of trouser, emblazoned with a school’s logo. Skinny, illicit or legging-style trousers are deemed unacceptable.

The new manners are a problem for Year 10 Jade, who is 6 feet high and finds it formidable to find propagandize trousers that fit.

Mr Charles said: “They have given us a week to get new trousers. They are £40 a pop- we am on incapacity benefit- it is not like we can usually strech into my slot during any time but notice.

“I consider it is terrible, positively terrible. They have usually got a few weeks left and afterwards it is summer, it is positively absurd timing.”

Charles Dickens conduct teacher, Andrew Olsson, shielded a crackdown, observant usually a handful of a school’s 1,200 students had been sent home.

Mr Olsson said: “The youngsters in Years 7 and 8 were brought into a propagandize before we communicated home, so there was time to change their uniform.

“The comparison years, where they were in a position to, were told to go home and change. No one in Years 11, 12 or 13 sitting exams was sent home.

“All we have finished is follow by on a newsletter we have sent home for parents. we have oral to a series of relatives and given them time to squeeze a scold uniform.”

Mr Olsson pronounced he had perceived around 20 letters of support from relatives and guardians who authorized of a despotic dress code.

He added: “Parents wish schools to say standards and that includes uniform standards.”

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