Palmyra sheds propagandize uniform policy

March 13, 2015 - School Uniform

PALMYRA — Goodbye, khakis. Hello, individuality.

District students will be means to embankment their propagandize uniforms subsequent year after a Board of Education on Wednesday night authorized relaxing a uniform dress code, opening a doorway for a accumulation of new habit options.

Students had lobbied for a change, that will turn effective in September.

“I’m vivacious with their decision,” Palmyra High School youth John Kay said. “I didn’t design all of them to contend yes.”

John, clamp boss of a tyro council, led a assign to strew a policy.

“I unequivocally usually wanted to move us behind to a basics,” pronounced John, referring to a approach students during adjacent schools are means to dress.

In this day and age, a 16-year-old doesn’t trust a process to shorten a student’s choices serves anyone well.

“A lot of schools speak about individuality, and with wearing red, black or white polos each day, there’s unequivocally no clarity of individuality,” John said. “And we unequivocally didn’t have a possibility to demonstrate ourselves.”

The district instituted a process in 2007, mandating each tyro to wear possibly khakis or black or tan dress pants, red or white collared dress shirts, polo/golf shirts, sweaters or turtlenecks temperament usually Palmyra logos.

Jeans, hooded sweatshirts, miniskirts and any wardrobe identifying squad affiliations or done of fishnet, tight-fitting or stretch-type materials were prohibited, among several other equipment or shoes choices.

Supporters of a uniform process in 2007 indicated that it was indispensable since of reserve concerns, following dozens of fights in usually a integrate of months and squad issues.

While expelling a process will not totally frame a district’s dress code, students will really be authorised to collect out some-more outfits to wear to propagandize in a fall.

“My recommendation to a house is to concede finish relaxation,” Superintendent Brian McBride said.

But that doesn’t meant there will be a riot in terms of a dress code.

Board President Nancy Brett pronounced before to a uniforms, a district already had manners in place for T-shirts.

“No profanity,” Brett said. “No obscenities. No denunciation that could be racially motivated. It can’t be torn. It can’t be see-through. It can’t be low. We already have all that denunciation in a aged policy, and even in a process before that.”

That will continue.

However, district officials concluded with students that coercion of a uniform process valid formidable and time-consuming.

“I do trust one of a biggest problems was coherence of enforcement,” Brett said.

The superintendent pronounced teachers should be some-more focused on instruction rather a student’s clothing.

“Our idea is not to military them,” McBride said. “Our idea is to learn them to military themselves. Teach them what tact is and what’s acceptable, and take it from there.”

Whatever a reason for a board’s decision, John believes his associate students “will be overjoyed.”

“It will be a acquire change,” he said.

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