Packers approaching to embankment their old-school swap uniforms

February 26, 2015 - School Uniform

Jordy Nelson, Bradley FletcherAP

Maybe a Packers will ask their fans to switch a yellow wedges of froth cheddar on their heads for a somewhat brighter yellow cheddar.

Yeah, never mind, that’s crazy. Who would ever fool a fanbase with a foolish selling ploy like that?

While a Packers substantially aren’t ever going to brew it adult too much, some change in uniform could come this year.

According to Jason Wilde of, a Packers’ five-year window for wearing their nauseous (my word, not his, he’s nice) reversion uniforms is over, allowing them to emanate a new swap third jersey.

While it’s misleading if they’ll usually slide it one retard over on a Pantone draft like a Browns did yesterday, no one is awaiting a league’s many normal authorization to bear an impassioned makeover.

They haven’t altered their simple demeanour given a mid-1980s, yet there are signs they’re formulation to embankment a aged navy blue Acme Packers jerseys and mudhole brownish-red pants, that they’ve ragged as alternates given 2010.

League manners concede teams to select swap uniforms for five-year blocks, and a Packers have put a blue jerseys on a clearway shelve during their group store.

Teams can wear alternates adult to 3 times a year, yet a Packers have usually ragged them once per (thankfully).

Hopefully they don’t get too distant afield — someone in a joining needs to demeanour normal, we’re articulate to we Tampa Bay — yet there will presumably be adequate of a tweak to sell some-more gear.

Which, of course, is a usually reason teams have swap jerseys to start with.

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