One-woman uniform expostulate enters 3rd year

July 7, 2015 - School Uniform

The cosmetic bins in Josey Martinez-Herrera’s kitchen are starting to crawl with red, white and blue.

Well into a initial month of her annual propagandize unifrom drive, Martinez-Herrera has 112 finish uniforms for girls and 114 for boys, and that series grows each day. Her idea for her third year is to be means to give one complete, easily kept uniform to 1,000 East Chicago kids who need them before propagandize starts.

Lake Central devise in final widen before propagandize starts

As former boss of a Franklin Elementary Parent-Teacher Association, Martinz-Herrera, an romantic by nature, saw students constantly uncover adult to propagandize possibly not dressed in uniform or in ill-fitting uniforms. Because a propagandize city doesn’t have a module for kids to get them, she hatched a plan.

“People can get uniforms by (North) Township, though it’s a prolonged process, and you’re usually allotted X-amount of dollars,” Martinez-Herrera said. “So one night, we was on a phone with a friend, and dual days later, we done a flyer and combined a Facebook event.”

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Martinez-Herrera was means to contend 550 uniforms that initial year and 800 in 2014. Friends who present uniforms move them to her washed, though those that aren’t get taken to a internal laundromat that allows her to rinse them free-of-charge as prolonged as she provides a soap.

New uniforms are also acquire in her drive, as Martinez-Herrera works with Twin City Uniform Outlet for folks who wish to present income to a cause. Getting a owners to attend wasn’t easy a initial year, though now, a dual work hand-in-hand.

“That initial year, we went in and asked her if she would donate, and she declined, so we went in a subsequent week, and she declined again,” Martinez Herrera said, laughing. “Finally, she donated code new socks, that we severely appreciated. Now, she handles a layaways for us; given we haven’t perceived a 501(C)3 standing yet, we can’t take financial donations, though people can make approach payments on a layaway check for us.

“Our initial layaway check was $550, and we paid it off in a week. The second one was $810, and I’ll get that paid off.”

Lee has been happy to chip in, charity Martinez-Herrrera a bonus to her for a uniforms she puts on layaway.

“She tells me a renouned sizes, and we reason them for her,” Lee said. “Whoever donates income helps compensate them off, and afterwards she starts a new one.

“She’s unequivocally assisting a community.”

Martinez-Herrera will discharge a uniforms Aug. 1 during a back-to-school convene during Cross Church, 425 W. Chicago Ave. All she asks is that relatives move marker proof they’re from East Chicago and that children are accompanied by adults.

“Since these were collected in a city, we wish them to go to people in need in a city,” she said. “So far, people respond good to a criteria. Some people, on a days of a drive, uncover adult during 8 a.m. so if they’re there that early, they’re unequivocally in need, so we feel they should be residents.”

Next year, Martinez-Herrera hopes to embody licence propagandize uniforms in her cache and would adore to strike some-more than one rally.

“I wish we could give more, though a some-more response we get, a some-more kids we can help.”

Michelle L. Quinn is a freelance contributor for a Post-Tribune.

To help

People can dump off their kindly used pre-k to 12th-grade uniforms during 6 places dump off places, including a East Chicago Public Library Branch and Robert Pastrick Public Library; Fagen Pharmacy in East Chicago and Harbor Barbers in East Chicago. Josey Martinez-Herrera is looking for red, white and blue polo shirts, and skirts, pants, dresses and shorts in navy blue or khaki.

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