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October 11, 2016 - School Uniform

For some Grand View students, determining what pants, shirt and boots went together ideally was a breeze via high propagandize due to their school’s uniform policy.


Carlos Rodriquez compares his aged uniform to his stream style. Photo by Kally Frisch.

“I have to devise what I’m going to wear,” pronounced Carlos Rodriguez, sophomore.

Rodriguez is a local of Puerto Rico, where he attended Juan Serralles High School. At his school, each tyro is compulsory to wear a uniform. Rodriguez’s dress formula simply consisted of a shirt and gym pants done of a schools colors, or a polo and khaki pants.

Lizeth Ornelas-Salazar, senior, pronounced wearing a uniform done her propagandize life easier. The morality authorised her to cut down her morning routine.

Despite a despotic dress formula during a year, mixed students remember specific days of a year where a students could wear travel clothes.

For Rodriguez, it was in sequence for students to lift supports for graduation.

“We would move dual dollars on a days we got to wear travel clothes,” Rodriguez said.

At Dowling Catholic High School, Ornelas-Salazar a same experience. Her propagandize had a integrate days where students could wear whatever they wanted.

Although a uniforms left students with a singular opening for self- expression, Rodriguez pronounced a order also left no room for students to be bullied or judged for their attire.

“When everybody is wearing a same thing each day, no one cares about that [style],” Rodriguez said.


Destiny Collins shows off his new collection of shoes. Photo by Kally Frisch

Where some students had a certain knowledge traffic with propagandize regulations, there were others who didn’t suffer a uniformity.

Destiny Collins, junior, attended Johnson College Prep in Chicago, IL and was reduction than tender with his school’s guidelines.

Despite an upsetting experience, Collins pronounced his school’s despotic uniform process did advantage him in a prolonged run financially.

“It helped me save adult income for a garments we wanted for college,” Collins said.

Going into college, many of a students satisfied as they conclude their style, it gives them a improved bargain of who they are
as well.

“Now we know that how we dress shows a lot about who we am and what we can do,” Rodriguez said.


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