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January 23, 2017 - School Uniform

Kat’s dress changes in a strange Gravity Rush felt like an afterthought, yet in Gravity Rush 2 personification dress-up with a Gravity Queen is a lot of fun. Not usually are her new outfits are some-more countless and sundry in a sequel, yet they have additional value: You can whip out your camera and take artsy, filtered selfies whenever we want. Now that’s a acquire new feature.

But it’s not easy anticipating all of Kat’s new costumes. Some are rewards for several side quests, while others need Dusty Tokens gained from online features. There are even a integrate we get for loading save information from a strange game.

Read on to find out how to collect all of Kat’s costumes in Gravity Rush 2.

Shifter 2.0

Shifter 2.0: This is a default outfit Kat starts wearing shortly after a diversion begins. It will demeanour informed to Gravity Rush fans.

Work Clothes: This elementary outfit is what Kat starts a diversion in, yet once she gets her Shifter outfit behind we can’t enclose a work garments again until we acquire 300 Dusty Tokens by online facilities like value hunts, photos and challenges.

Jazz Singer: This fun red dress is performed after a story goal “Like a Radio,” during that she dons a outfit to pass for a jazz singer.

Jazz Singer

Waitress: You acquire the waitress dress after completing the string of food-stall-flyer-related side missions and challenges, that starts with a goal “Hands Up, Hands Out.” In these missions, Kat hands out food case flyers, until she eventually hurls them during a case in “Come One, Come All.”

Nurse: The side query line that starts with “A Legend is Born,” accessible shortly after we arrive behind in Hekseville for a initial time, eventually leads to Kat doing on-camera attempt work as a Battle Nurse — and to removing this outfit.

Kali Costume: Another Hekseville side quest, “An Angel Named Double-Cross,” has Kat perplexing to marketplace ice cream to as many passersby as possible. Once a query is finish we get a Kali Angel outfit.

School Uniform 2.0

School Uniform 2.0: Gravity Rush 2‘s propagandize uniform is accessible from a side quest “Forbidden Games,” that is one of a best side quests in a game. Pay courtesy during a ritual, though, or we competence skip a reason why.

Super Star: This cocktail statue outfit is accessible from a goal fibre that starts with a Hekseville side quest “Find a Idol.”

School Uniform 1.0: You can clear the School Uniform 1.0 dress when we acquire 2,000 Dusty Tokens.

Military Uniform

Shifter 1.0: Like a Work Clothes and School Uniform 1.0, Shifter 1.0 is tied to earning Dusty Tokens. This one takes significantly some-more though: 5,000 total. Just keep regulating online facilities as we play and you’ll get it eventually.

Military Uniform: The troops uniform is accessible for players who have save information for a remastered chronicle of a strange Gravity Rush on their accounts. It’s tied to a original’s Military DLC pack.

Maid Outfit

Maid Outfit: Like a troops outfit, a lassie costume is unbarred if your save information from a strange Gravity Rush with that game’s lassie DLC.

Cat Suit: The third and final dress accessible for those with strange Gravity Rush save data, a cat criminal fit comes from a Spy DLC that came with a PS4 remaster.

PSO2 Crazy Kitten

White Kat: A elementary palette barter can accomplish a lot sometimes. Case in point: Kat’s white gear, an inversion of her default black suit. It’s accessible usually as a pre-order bonus, so if we didn’t obstacle a diversion forward of recover you’re out of fitness for now.

PSO2 Crazy Kitten: Possibly a weirdest of all of Kat’s new costumes, this pinkish conflict rigging is accessible as a giveaway download to all players interjection to a partnership between Gravity Rush and Phantasy Star Online 2.

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