"Not a approach we would understanding with people," former Defense Secretary Gates says of Trump

May 11, 2018 - School Uniform

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Asked about reports that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen deliberate resigning, after President Trump berated her during a cupboard meeting, Robert Gates characterized President Trump’s supervision character as “not a approach we would understanding with people.”

The New York Times reported a boss has grown increasingly indignant with a Department of Homeland Security head, unloading Thursday in a “lengthy tirade” on Nielsen over a miss of swell on combating bootleg immigration.

“That’s not a approach we consider we ever did understanding with people, and we did glow people, really comparison people,” a former CIA executive and invulnerability secretary told Margaret Brennan in an talk to atmosphere Sunday on “Face a Nation.”

“I meant that’s a approach he is. That’s a approach he deals with people. we mean, let’s only contend we have a totally opposite style, though he is boss of a United States,” pronounced Gates.

Brennan sat down with Gates for a wide-ranging talk on a campus of William Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, where he serves as a school’s chancellor.

“Different presidents understanding with a people that work with them in opposite ways, a initial boss we worked for, Lyndon Johnson, did a lot of yelling and irreverence during his comparison officials,” Gates combined later, “in his possess approach so did — so did Richard Nixon.”

Asked to consider President Trump’s embattled arch of staff John Kelly, who once served as Gates’ aide, Gates praised Kelly for carrying brought sequence to a White House “pretty well.”

Gates pronounced also he was not astounded about “the churn” in a cupboard “for a boss who had no knowledge in government.”

“I live a continent divided from Washington, D.C., not by accident,” Gates said, “but my sense is that given John got there, that there has been some-more order, a some-more nurse routine in terms of staff meetings, in terms of coordination within a White House and so on.”

“The earlier things settle down, and there’s a jot of an organizational routine that goes on in terms of policymaking, we consider that’s improved for a country,” Gates told Brennan.

More of Margaret Brennan’s talk of Robert Gates front Sunday on “Face a Nation.”

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