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February 8, 2016 - School Uniform

What is a biggest distrurbance for propagandize students? Homework? Bullying? Having to go to propagandize in a initial place? In fact, according to a Irish Second-Level Students’ Union, uniforms tip a protest list.

And when it comes to this issue, students competence be displaying significantly some-more reason than some of their elders.

Lucille O’Mahony (9) is a third-class tyro during Guardian Angels National School in Blackrock, Co Dublin. “Ever given we started school, we hated carrying to wear a skirt,” she says. “It’s not usually harder to run around and play games in, though we’re also some-more approaching to tumble over and harm ourselves. Boys never have to even consider about this.”

Lucille spasmodic wears her tracksuit to school. But sometimes, she says, teachers give out to her for it. When she asked why, she was told usually that it was propagandize policy. Last Nov she motionless to take action.

“I started a petition. At initial we asked some of my friends to pointer it. Then we realised that, if it was to unequivocally pronounce for everyone, we indispensable signatures from boys, too. If girls should have a choice of wearing trousers, since can’t boys wear a skirt?”

Some of a boys in her category laughed during her petition, though one of a many renouned boys was discerning to pointer and behind her up. Soon she had collected some 45 signatures, including during slightest 7 from boys, and presented it to a propagandize principal, Padraig O’Neill, who was impressed.

“I didn’t know she was entertainment signatures,” he says. “She organized it sensitively and well and asked me to benefaction it to a house of management.

“We are holding a petition and a student’s box severely and we will move it to a house and also ask other stakeholders, including staff and parents, for their views.”

Democracy in action

With a ubiquitous choosing discuss underway, O’Neill sees Lucille’s petition as a good instance of democracy in action.

“Especially in a comparison classes, we learn a children about how democracy and multitude works, and how they can lobby, get concerned and change things. To be honest, Lucille’s petition came out of a blue for me, though satisfactory play to her.”

Student councils are now common in postprimary schools, though they sojourn a monument in primary schools. O’Neill says there is no reason since they couldn’t work, and it could be a good event to listen to, honour and rivet with immature people.

Uniform debates are, for many students, their initial genuine ambience of amicable action. It is not that students indispensably intent to wearing a uniform.

“Young people clearly see a pros and cons in that age-old debate,” says Irish Second-Level Students’ Union boss Rob O’Donnell (19). “It’s that girls protest about carrying to wear a dress in a inlet of winter, and that there are mostly difficult regulations about accurately how prolonged a dress has to be and what colour hosiery should be ragged with it, and how high those hosiery need to be.”

O’Donnell says that a final of schools are unjustifiable. “When we ask tyro councils about a issues of regard to them, this mostly comes up. It’s even some-more of a regard in churned schools where, each day, girls see their masculine classmates come to propagandize in trousers.

“Some girls really, unequivocally hatred – positively hate – to wear skirts,” he says. “It is a antiquated system. In any other travel of life, we wouldn’t dream of revelation girls that they have to wear a skirt. So since is it excusable to inflict it on them during school?”

Teaching unions

The 3 training unions contend that uniform process is a matter for sold schools. However, when it is asked a INTO advises members that boys and girls should be treated equally. The unions have also upheld campaigns to revoke a altogether costs of uniforms.  

On a face of it, some of a manners ruling propagandize uniforms seem, during best, baffling and outdated.

Skirt length is delicately monitored in some schools: in some, a dress has to be above a knee and a knee has to be showing, though a rest of a leg has to be lonesome with tall, white socks. Students can get in difficulty for not conforming.

O’Donnell also points to regulations, many of that are clearly posted on propagandize websites, ruling either or not boys can have any stubble or a beard, how prolonged that brave might be, either hair can be painted or not and how prolonged it can be, and either or not piercings are allowed.

“We’ve seen situations in coeducational schools whereby a girls are authorised to color their hair a healthy colour, though a boys are not authorised during all,” he says. “How a immature chairman appears creates no disproportion whatsoever to their education. My propagandize was great, though we was 19 years aged [sitting my Leaving Cert], and forced to wear a uniform and ask for accede to go to a toilet.

“Schools should be enlivening giveaway suspicion and self-expression, not suppressing it.”


Uniforms have prolonged been a flashpoint. Barnardos has for many years run a discuss to revoke propagandize costs.

The children’s gift consistently identifies a high cost of uniforms as a pivotal emanate that places undue vigour on parents, quite those who are struggling financially.

School uniforms are of quite poignant mystic value for transgender students who wish to see their temperament recognised.

For reasons of comfort and practicality, some transgender girls still cite to wear trousers after their amicable transition.

Gendered uniforms benefaction a sold problem for transgender boys, who were reserved womanlike during birth though brand and wish to be recognized as male.

Late final month a Gay and Lesbian Equality Network released a set of discipline to schools about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.

The discipline highlight that students are approaching to follow a propagandize uniform process on suitable dress, trinket and make-up. However, students who are transgender should be authorised to wear a uniform that is unchanging with their gender identity, and that, during a minimum, a gender-neutral choice should be offered.

Seamus (16) is a trans child from Co Meath. He was reserved womanlike during birth.

“Our school’s uniforms are too gendered,” he says. “The jumpers, shirts and bottoms are opposite depending on your gender. Even a colours differ.

“I consider if everybody was authorised to wear skirts, afterwards some-more students would. we consider if someone who identified as womanlike came in wearing a grey shirt and slacks, they might be told off, though if a child came in wearing a dress he would be sent home.

“My principal has been supportive. But before we eliminated here, we was during an all-girls propagandize where trans students were told they couldn’t change their uniform since of tradition.

“I started a petition, as sitting in a blouse and dress all day done me feel insanely anxious,” he says. “I wasn’t taken seriously. This is inhuman and deleterious to a immature person’s mental health; that uniform scarcely broken me.

“Changing a uniform can unequivocally make a large disproportion to immature trans people.”

  • BeLonGTo offers a support organisation for immature trans people:

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