No preference nonetheless on changing propagandize uniform in KP: minister

November 26, 2015 - School Uniform

PESHAWAR: Though dynamic to change a colour of propagandize uniforms, a Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI)-led Khyber Pakhtunkhwa supervision has nonetheless to take final preference to this outcome while a bloc partner, Jamaat-i-Islami, has already voiced a reservations over a issue.


However, both a parties have refused to accept that they have any differences over a matter. This disproved a reports that a uniforms issue, generally a due introduction of paint-shirt during a propagandize level, has caused difference between a bloc partners in a provincial government.


Reached on telephone, Minister for Education Mohammad Atif Khan done it transparent that no preference has nonetheless been taken to change a uniforms or a colour. He combined that a matter had been entirely discussed by a supervision functionaries and also with a other stakeholders.


He pronounced they had been receiving complaints from students, relatives and teachers from opposite a range and roughly all a stakeholders were opposite to a colour of a uniform. “They believed that a uniform of black shalwar-kameez and top was untimely gripping in perspective a sourroundings and continue in many tools of a province,” he added.


“In perspective of a complaints, we sought suggestions from all a stakeholders. On a basement of those proposals we done adult a mind to during slightest change a colour of a dress. It is transparent that a colour of uniform would be changed, though a final preference has not been taken so far,” Atif Khan forked out.


He pronounced a supervision had a devise to make a use of paint-shirt and shalwar-kameez optional.


“We will give a choice to a parents-teachers committees to select between shalwar kameez and paint shirt in line with a internal traditions and requirements. For example, a students of Dir and other such areas could not be forced to use paint-shirt. On a other hand, those study in places like Peshawar and Hayatabad adore to wear paint-shirt,” he argued.


Atif Khan, who belongs to a PTI, ruled out any differences with a JI over a issue. He pronounced he discussed a matter with his cupboard co-worker Inayatullah Khan of a Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) and was assured that there was no problem in changing a colour and giving a choice to students of a dual sets of uniforms in opposite areas.


The emanate strike headlines when a new provincial arch of JI Mushtaq Ahmad Khan released a statement, hostile a due changes in uniform. Mushtaq Ahmad was of a opinion that paint-shirt was a pitch of Americanisation and Westernisation and they would not accept a change in a uniform.


Provincial ubiquitous secretary of a JI Abdul Wasi, however, told The News that a emanate was highlighted out of suit in a media. He pronounced they have conjunction launched any criticism opposite a offer nor rigourously opposite it. “Also, a supervision has not nonetheless taken any grave preference to change a existent uniform and deliver paint and shirt,” he reminded.


He pronounced a JI voiced a regard on a basement of some genuine reasons. He pronounced that infancy of a schools were lacking seat and other simple facilities.


“How would a child lay on unclothed building in paint and shirt in a propagandize where there is no furniture,” he asked.


Abdul Wasi pronounced a JI wanted a supervision to concentration a courtesy on sustenance of simple comforts to a schools instead of wasting appetite on non-issues. “We are bloc partners in a supervision and a emanate would be resolved internally in an gentle manner. Also, there is no mistreat in a use of inhabitant dress of shalwar-kameez,” he added. There were reports that Chief Minister Pervez Khattak done a phone call to Mushtaq Ahmad Khan to felicitate him on presumption a bureau of provincial arch of JI. During their talk, a matter of uniform was also discussed and both concluded to reason a assembly on a issue. However, a date for a assembly has not been finalised.


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