NI propagandize uniform grants confronting £3m cut

July 6, 2017 - School Uniform

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The due cuts could impact about 98,000 children opposite Northern Ireland

Money given to low income families to assistance compensate for propagandize uniforms could be cut almost by a Department of Education to save money.

The Education Authority (EA) pronounced a dialect had educated them to cut a volume spent on propagandize uniform grants by £3m.

That would meant £1.9m is accessible in 2017/18, compared to £4.9m in 2016/17.

The dialect pronounced that it faced “major financial pressures in 2017-18 if it is to work within a budget”.

“Consequently options to revoke spending opposite all programme areas are being explored, including a wardrobe stipend (uniform grants), extended schools and a desert framework,” it said.

About 98,000 pupils in Northern Ireland perceived a extend this year.

The many that any particular student can accept is £78 that helps compensate for uniform and PE pack for post-primary pupils.

The instruction by a dialect to make a due cut was discussed during a many new house assembly of a EA.

Pupils would accept a reduced amount

An EA orator told a BBC: “In a new Resource Budget Allocation letter, a Department of Education has educated a Education Authority to make certain spending cuts to grasp bill savings.

“These embody a rebate of £3m for propagandize uniform grants.”

The BBC understands that, if implemented, a rebate in appropriation of about 60% would not revoke a series of applicants, though would revoke a volume of support any would receive.

The propagandize wardrobe stipend intrigue helps pupils from low income families in primary, post-primary and special schools. Primary propagandize pupils can accept £35.75 towards uniform costs.

Post-primary and special propagandize pupils can accept £51 towards their uniform if they are underneath 15 years aged and £56 if they are over 15.

Post-primary and special propagandize pupils can also accept £22 towards profitable for propagandize PE kit.

However, if a cut were implemented, any student would accept a reduced volume towards their propagandize uniform.

The dialect also reliable that extended schools appropriation is being reduced by about £1.5m.

Just over £10.6m was supposing to around 400 schools in 2016-17 and this is being cut to £9.1m in 2017/18.

The extended schools intrigue gives schools in comparatively disadvantaged areas some additional money.

They use this to yield breakfast and task clubs, summer schemes and parenting support.

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