New Schoolwear Shop Brings School Uniform Choice and Quality to Tamworth

February 20, 2015 - School Uniform

Staffordshire, UK — (ReleaseWire) — 02/20/2015 — Having determined itself as a informal one-stop-shop for all things schoolwear from a Burton on Trent Headquarters, Clothing4 Schools launches a Tamworth schoolwear store providing propagandize uniforms for many internal schools and academies.

Part of The Apparel Group, a inhabitant provider that serves incomparable organisations and PLC’s with uniforms and associated clothing, Clothing4 Schools carries a company’s believe and knowledge of a uniform marketplace to yield relatives with a flexible, customer-focussed use and high peculiarity products on demand. Having clever partnerships with one of Europe’s largest schoolwear manufacturers and benefiting from membership and support of a National Schoolwear Association creates Clothing4 Schools a estimable personality in a field.

The company’s vast Burton on Trent comforts embody a salon and changing facilities, along with an considerable array of complicated elaboration machines, copy apparatus and pattern suite, enabling Clothing4 Schools to yield all school-specific and general uniform products. The company’s new Tamworth propagandize uniform store, located during 11 Lower Gungate, means that relatives now have a same good use and choice, though with internal preference and a stronger concentration on internal schools and academies.

Taking on new schools and academies weekly, a Clothing4 Schools Tamworth schoolwear store provides a finish operation of propagandize uniforms, including propagandize ties, propagandize trousers, propagandize skirts, propagandize shirts, propagandize jumpers and all associated accessories and PE kits. Schools and academies now catered for include; Amington Heath Primary, Birds Bush Primary, Florendine Infant School, Kingsbury School, Lakeside Primary, Longwood Little Oaks Nursery, Longwood Primary, Manor Primary, Stoneydelph Primary and Woodside C of E Primary School.

Clothing4 Schools Director, Clive Wilmot, commented on his company’s enlargement to Tamworth; “We’ve worked intensely tough to yield a use that offers a broadest operation of high peculiarity internal propagandize uniforms, with peerless levels of patron service. That’s because so many schools, academies and relatives rest on Clothing4 Schools. With some-more Tamworth schools and academies entrance on house and with a government’s reconfiguration of schools to academies, direct justifies providing internal relatives with high peculiarity schoolwear and use on their doorstep”. Clive added; “Clothing4 Schools is resolutely behind Tamworth and if we can minister in any approach to a preparation and raise of a area and it’s children, we’ll be really unapproachable indeed”.

About Clothing4 Schools
As good as ancillary internal schools, Clothing4 Schools has also affianced financial support to Burton Albion Community Trust’s May 2015 Ghana outing that will support essential building work and support preparation projects via a country. A commission of supports lifted will sojourn in Burton to support a far-reaching operation of estimable groups too.

Clothing4 Schools also provides a full operation of schoolwear to over 35 Burton on Trent schools and academies, as good as many some-more from around a wider region. Most are represented on Clothing4 Schools online propagandize wardrobe store during where all products can be facilely purchased.

Clothing4 Schools
Unit 2 Crown Industrial Estate
Anglesey Road
Burton on Trent
DE14 3NX

Tel: +44 (0)1283 548234


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