New propagandize uniform process introduced during Tiverton High School

June 30, 2017 - School Uniform

Changes are being done to Tiverton High School’s uniform to move in a some-more unchanging dress formula in a classrooms.

Students contingency now wear black leather or fake leather propagandize shoes.Trainers and other forms of boots will not be allowed.

A new operation of trousers and skirts will underline Tiverton High School branding in a form of a intelligent ‘riveted’ badge, about a distance of a 5p coin.This gives a wardrobe temperament as good as creation it transparent that it is suitable for school.Any trousers of skirts though a secure will therefore crack propagandize uniform policy.

The propagandize contend they have been clever to safeguard that any changes in uniform give relatives choice – and are labelled fairly.There will be, for example, a choice in trousers and skirts labelled from £5.99 to £19.99.

Certain products will be accessible from Thomas Moor in Exeter and Tesco in Tiverton.These products will also be accessible from a new propagandize shop, located in Student Services. The propagandize are also exploring a choice of an online emporium in further to a Thomas Moor online shop.

Mrs Sammy Crook, Head clergyman during Tiverton High School: “I’m committed to lifting standards and expectations of a school, and in Apr we sensitive relatives and students that we would be adjusting a uniform policy. It was one of a priorities that students identified when we was allocated as Head clergyman progressing this year.

“I share a students’ enterprise to urge a repute of a school, revoke issues with uniform and discharge low turn disruption, and suggested relatives of a grave changes on Jun 29. The changes were arrived during in partnership with a tyro Ambassadors.

“We have introduced an innovative and effective approach to ‘badge’ clothing, by regulating rivets with a propagandize logo. They’re smart, easy to see and will capacitate everybody to see when scold uniform is being worn.

“The existent uniform process has been updated to safeguard there is finish consistency, though in hint there is really small change. It will capacitate all relatives and students to clearly know a process and what is acceptable.

“My concentration as an teacher contingency be on learning. If we have coherence in uniform, teachers do not have to rubbish time inspecting students or holding transformation to scold what they’re wearing. It’s also fairer for students, since they’ll all have a turn personification margin and a common expectancy of what is acceptable, and will demeanour intelligent and comfortable.

“We’ve also softened integrity by introducing uniform that is now accessible from 3 locations during a operation of prices, including a new propagandize emporium and Tesco. For example, trousers are accessible from only £5.99, and we do not distinction from sales.

“If relatives have already bought uniform for subsequent year, we will ‘badge’ it for giveaway so prolonged as it meets stream uniform policy.

“Samples of a uniform will be on arrangement during tyro services for a rest of tenure for a students to demeanour at, try on and order. It will also be on arrangement during a year 6 relatives evenings on Tuesday 4 and Thursday Jul 6.

“While change by a inlet is doubtful to greatfully everyone, we wish relatives will join me in committing to progressing and improving a high standards we already have during a school.”

All students are approaching to wear this uniform correctly. Parents will be contacted and asked to yield an choice if students are in improper uniform.

Jacket – Tiverton High School coupler with logo. Shirt – A prolonged or brief sleeved plain white shirt with collar buttoned to a neck. Tie – Correct residence tie. Trousers – Badged plain black propagandize trousers from authorized suppliers list. Skirts – Badged plain black propagandize skirts from authorized suppliers list, ragged to a knee. Jumpers – Plain black v-neck knitted jumper or cardigan over shirt and tie (optional). Socks – Dark socks. White hosiery and black or strength phony tights can be ragged with skirts. Shoes – Black leather/synthetic prosaic shoes. Jewellery – Maximum of dual timber earrings. Badges released by a school. Watches. Hair make up, watchful make-up, if worn.

The following is not allowed:

Trousers:Leggings, jeggings, skin-tight/stretch trousers, glossy trousers, trousers with zip adornments. Skirts:Skirts that are not a reasonable length or that do not concede a reasonable operation of transformation Jumpers:Round-necked jumpers. Hoodies (with a difference of KS4 PE hoodies). Shoes: Trainers/skater boots e.g. Vans, phony laces or phony accents. Jewellery:More than dual earrings, piercings other than in ears. Hair:No assumed hair colours, no farfetched hair styles. Trousers and skirts contingency be authorized by propagandize and purchased from:

•Tesco Tiverton (garments will be badged for we in store)

•Thomas Moore online or in store in Exeter (badged for we in store)

•Tiverton High School emporium (badged for you)

Q: What if we have already bought wardrobe for subsequent educational year?

A: During a transitory duration we are penetrating that nobody is left out of pocket.

If trousers and skirts ragged or purchased before 1st Jul 2017 are inline with a school’s uniform guidelines, we will badge it for you, giveaway of charge.

Please palm in any uniform, in a bag and clearly named with a hit number, to Student Services before 14th Jul 2017.An additional minute will be posted home to explain arrangements in some-more fact on a 7th Jul 2017.

We will badge a equipment and hit we for collection before a start of tenure in September.If a uniform supposing is not deemed to be inline with policy, afterwards it will not be badged and new uniform will need to be purchased.

Q: How do we know if my son/daughter’s stream trousers/skirt meets a uniform policy?

A: Please impute to a superintendence in a policy

Q: How most will it cost?

A: The prices of uniform trousers and skirts will operation in cost from £5.99 to £19.99 depending on distance and style.This creates them allied to supermarkets and other high travel stores.

Please be wakeful that any uniform sole by a propagandize emporium will be cost neutral.

Q: Where can we buy uniform from?

A: School uniform can be bought from a following places only:

  • a)Thomas Moore, Exeter and their online uniform shop
  • b)Our new propagandize emporium located in tyro services and a stirring online propagandize store
  • c)Tescos, Tiverton
  • oGirls trousers: ap639503
  • oBoys trousers: ag639507
  • o(slim fit) Boys trousers: ag639445
  • oGirls skirt: ag239329

Uniform can be systematic and collected from a school.

Q: When do they need to be bought by?

A: New trousers and skirts can be systematic from 5th July.They will need to be purchased by a finish of a summer holiday and ragged from a initial day of a new educational year in September.

We will yield some-more minute information about entrance to a propagandize emporium and how to badge existent uniform in a destiny minute that will be posted home on Friday 7th July.

Q: Will shorts be authorised in a uniform.

A: Currently shorts are not partial of a uniform. We will be consulting with students and relatives in a open tenure 2018 around a probability of adding shorts to a summer uniform.

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