New propagandize uniform for 50 learners

March 10, 2017 - School Uniform

Learners from exposed backgrounds benefited from a donation.

The propagandize principal, Amos Magudulela, says that they are beholden for a donation.

“Many of a learners in a propagandize come from bad backgrounds and are orphaned.

“They are forced to wear ripped and worn-out propagandize uniforms and this sets them detached from a other learners.

“They equivocate being entirely active in propagandize activities since they fear that they will be laughed at,” he says.

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Amos says that a new propagandize uniforms will assistance revive a children’s grace and inspire them to perform during their best.

“We are job on other donors to come brazen to assistance urge a learners’ self-esteem.

“It takes a encampment to lift a child and by a assistance of a village and a private zone we’ll be means to furnish a best learners,” he says.

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The propagandize chairperson, Nicholas Nyaao, says that a concession will assistance a children to perform improved in class.

“We don’t wish a children to feel opposite from others since of their family credentials – that is not their responsibility. We wish them to concentration on their studies and perform during their best,” he says.

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