New book My School Uniform hopes to remind we of your untroubled delegate propagandize days

June 24, 2016 - School Uniform

SINGAPORE — How would we like to remind yourself of a happy, untroubled times when we were in school? This is what Yix Quek hopes we would feel after we have review her book My School Uniform.

“We motionless to call a book My School Uniform so that it is some-more personal. To a reader, it’s my propagandize uniform. It is roughly like we have an tenure over it” Quek said.

The author is famous for her children story books. Her initial publication, The Book That Was Handed Down, was expelled in 2008, and won a initial Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award for Outstanding Book. She motionless to step divided from a genre to do her initial photography plan with My School Uniform. The work facilities over 365 pages of uniforms from 142 delegate schools in Singapore, and was desirous by travel photography and books like Humans Of New York that are filled with profiles and interviews. “I suspicion that it would be engaging to expel propagandize uniforms in that light. Photography, we feel, is a right middle to assistance move out a content. It captures a tellurian hold and papers propagandize life during a sold indicate of time.”

She combined that she chose a subject of propagandize uniforms as they were a large partial of a lives and could good be transitory in nature. “Schools competence not be around tomorrow. The uniforms competence change. And these will still matter to we even yet we have left a school,” Quek explained.

The techer during Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts took dual years to finish her work of love. Other than a book pattern by engineer Yong Kam Ling and photography — that was finished by 4 shutterbugs Nicky Loh, Louis Kwok, Soh Qui Ling and Benny Loh and took one and a half years as there were so many schools — Quek wrote and researched all herself. What helped tremendously was a S$42,000 extend she perceived from a National Heritage Board as partial of a birthright plan grant. “The extend unequivocally helped not usually in terms of income though in terms of removing a schools on board. The schools afterwards helped shortlist a students for us. All we have to do is usually arrange a date and go down to control a shoot. The extend also lonesome some of a manpower costs so we are means to compensate a photographers for their work,” she added.

With this book, Quek hopes to strech out to not usually Singaporeans who have graduated, though also students who are in Primary 5 and 6, and are meddlesome to find out some-more about opposite delegate schools. Each propagandize has a write-up of a story (For instance, Nan Hua Secondary School usually authorised girls in dance bar to have prolonged hair behind in a day) and a form of engaging programmes they offer such as aviation and judo that competence interest to intensity students. “It can be a good catalog for them,” she quipped.

And given propagandize badges are an essential partial of a uniforms, a special territory analyses these badges to simulate a changes in Singapore’s preparation programme. It cites how there were technical schools in a 60s and 70s distinct currently and those propagandize badges would embody designs of gears, cogwheels and hammers.

Ultimately, Quek hopes this book can be used as archival element as 24 of a schools featured in this book will be joined by 2018. “Some of these schools have a abounding story to them. It’s a empathize if we usually let it go to waste. We wanted this book to be a honeyed reminders of a happy days in propagandize and that can be something we can keep for years to come.” SONIA YEO


Yix Quek’s book, My School Uniform, retails during S$28.50 from vital book stores such as Kinokuniya, Basheer Books, Popular and Times.

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