Muslim propagandize uniform order sets other believers apart

June 11, 2016 - School Uniform

The law good womanlike Muslim students in state schools to wear a headscarf has worried tensions over eremite separation among some members of a public, including primogenitor Fransiscus Yoanis Rajanto, 47.

“It competence be a common law in state schools in a country. It has been practical for some years. However, to my daughter, a law is something else,” pronounced Frans, adding that a law was not practical when he was still a tyro during a state high propagandize in Makassar, South Sulawesi.

Frans has gifted problem explaining a requirement to his 13-year-old daughter, who is now enrolled during a state-run youth high propagandize in West Jakarta.

Previously enrolled during a private facile school, a daughter finds a requirement to wear a headscarf during her stream propagandize rare and worried given it creates her feel opposite from her womanlike classmates, who are mostly Muslims, Frans told The Jakarta Post.

Indonesia is a world’s many populous Muslim nation with over 200 million Muslims.

“She asked me since her friends were told to wear Muslim uniforms, including a headscarf, on Fridays while on a same day, those from other religions were thankful to wear prolonged skirts,” Frans said, adding that in her class, she was a customarily non-Muslim womanlike student.

Although he had no thought about a accurate reason behind a regulation, Frans attempted to tell his daughter that a law was not done to order students formed on their religion. Instead, it was set to honour Muslims, including masculine Muslims, who customarily perform Friday prayers.

“After that, she nodded in agreement though afterwards she asked me since a propagandize done such a special law for Muslim students,” Frans said.

Unlike Frans’ daughter, Defalia Widamutia, a Muslim tyro during a state-run high propagandize SMAN 91 in East Jakarta, thinks that a requirement is usually like any other uniform regulation.

“Well, [the obligation] is usual. we don’t feel being forced by it,” pronounced Defalia Aurika, who has been study during state schools given she was in facile school. “It’s substantially given a requirement has turn a tradition in state schools.”

The Muslim uniform emanate flush recently after Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama called on state schools in a collateral to refrain from good their womanlike students to wear a headscarf.

“I don’t demarcate them wearing a headscarf. we usually wish a teachers to inspire them to wear a headscarf by tausiyah [preaching], instead of forcing them,” Ahok said. “I find it scornful to a sacrament if they customarily wear it to perform propagandize obligations, though they will take a headscarf off when they are not in school.”

Ahok purportedly suggested his concerns after he perceived reports that many state schools in a collateral thankful their womanlike students to wear Muslim uniforms during fasting month of Ramadhan.

Ahok’s matter was immediately refuted by officials from state schools in a city, including Rido Muhammad, a clamp principal during state high propagandize SMAN 7 in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.

“We don’t force a students. Just like relatives who wish to lead their children to a right path, we usually wish to inspire a students to perform their obligations in Islam, including a wearing of headscarfs for females,” pronounced Ridho, adding that a propagandize customarily thankful students to wear Muslim uniforms on Fridays, even during a fasting month.

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