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August 6, 2016 - School Uniform

MOUNT VERNON, NY — Following requests from district families and a Parent Teacher Association, a Mount Vernon Board of Education unanimously adopted a propagandize uniform process in July.

Board members cited a districtwide consult in that some-more than 80 percent of a over 1,000 responders upheld a measure. Based on existent primogenitor support, Pennington, Columbus and Hamilton schools are approaching to be a initial to adopt a uniform process in September.

The process allows schools in a district to charge students wear uniforms if they benefaction acceptance to a Board. Proper acceptance will embody agreements from a smallest of 80 percent of families during a school. According to a adopted house policy, a vigilant is not to stop or demarcate any tyro who is not in uniform from receiving a preparation to that he or she is entitled. Therefore, no tyro will be theme to disciplinary actions for not complying with a policy.

“We wish to yield a schools in this district who wish to adopt uniforms with a ability to do so,” pronounced Mount Vernon City School Board President Adrienne Saunders. “Schools that adopt uniform policies uncover increases in tyro concentration in a classroom and decreases in behavioral issues.”

Students will be given submit on uniform preference and might accept uniform waivers for reasons of health or eremite freedom. The district will offer assistance in purchasing uniforms to families confronting financial hardship.

A couple to a Board of Education’s full adopted process is accessible on a website.

About Mount Vernon City School District

With some-more than 8,000 students in 16 schools, a Mount Vernon City School District is committed to providing a peculiarity preparation to a children as good as building programs that accommodate a different educational and amicable needs of a students.

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