Mother Removes Teen From School After Teacher Says Her Non-Uniform …

June 22, 2015 - School Uniform

A mum has private her 15-year-old daughter from propagandize after claiming a masculine clergyman pronounced a teen’s goth outfit done her “look like she does bondage”.

Kaye Warner, 33, demanded that Erin-Anais Hart be sent home when she perceived a call from a teenager who was told to cover adult for non-uniform day.

Hart incited adult during King Charles we School in Kidderminster, wearing a stud-collar, leather jacket, T-shirt, prosaic ankle boots and knee-high leggings.

When Miss Warner asked given her daughter had to wear something opposite for a gift day, she claims masculine member of staff told her over a phone that Erin-Anais was display “too most flesh”, too.

Warner said: “I was positively disgusted. She is 15-years-old. we had to explain to my daughter what subjugation was, given she didn’t even know.”


The mom has given private her daughter from a school henceforth and enrolled her somewhere else.

She said: “Erin called me while we was during work and pronounced she indispensable some trousers and we asked given and we asked to pronounce to whatever clergyman was present.

“I pronounced given does she need trousers and they pronounced it’s not appropriate, she is display too most flesh.

“I told them to send my daughter home and pronounced she won’t be returning given she was carrying a genuine bad time during that propagandize anyway.

“Two hours after they rang to see if she had got behind okay. we had emailed her conduct of year seeking her to hit me though she didn’t.

“But a member of staff did ring and pronounced what she had on was inapt and pronounced he didn’t like her style.”


Warner pronounced when she questioned a clergyman as to given he did not like what she was wearing, he pronounced “she looks like she does bondage”.

The mom added: “She [Erin] was positively ashamed during a suspicion of people looking during her in that sense.”

Warner, who lives with Erin-Anais and her hermit Pud, eight, in Kidderminster, pronounced she bought a leggings for her daughter from an choice garments shop.

She added: “She went to propagandize on a non-uniform day in a black T-shirt, a black jacket, prosaic black ankle boots and black leggings with holes during a knee.

“I had bought her a trousers from an choice shop. She only looks normal in them. we saw zero wrong with her outfit.”


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The mom pronounced she has been behind to get her daughter’s things from a locker though has had no apologies from a school.

She said: “It was a final straw for me and we have private her totally from a school. She will not be returning there and will be starting a new propagandize in a few weeks.”


A propagandize orator said: “We do not criticism on particular cases though would highlight that we aim to yield a certain and successful training sourroundings for a students, giveaway from intrusion and distraction, and that includes coercion of a dress code.

“Standards are practical even on non-uniform days to safeguard that all students are dressed appropriately.”

The orator refused to contend either a member of staff had been quizzed over a ‘bondage’ allegation, saying: “We never criticism on particular circumstances.”

King Charles we School is a incomparable than normal churned delegate propagandize that also has a vast sixth form on a same site.

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