Mother jailed for murdering landlord to get son’s propagandize uniform

October 28, 2015 - School Uniform

Supreme Court Justice Jack Rush sent Kristy Robb to jail for 4 years. Photo: Scott Barbour

A mom of 4 who killed her landlord when perplexing to collect her son’s propagandize uniform has been jailed for 4 years.

Supreme Court Justice Jack Rush pronounced Kristy Robb, 28, strike a landlord, Alan Matthews, 69, opposite a conduct with possibly a ball bat, steel rod or elongated torch. Matthews died 50 mins after from a heart attack.

“I take into comment your actions were encouraged by a concerns of a mom concerned to safeguard her son attended propagandize with a suitable uniform,” Justice Rush told Robb on Wednesday when jailing her for 4 years with a non-parole duration of 2½ years.

Alan Matthews, who was killed in Jan final year. Photo: Supplied

She had been found guilty by a jury of one count of manslaughter.

Robb had distant from her partner of 12 years and was looking for a place to stay when she saw a journal announcement for a Noble Park bungalow for rent. She stayed during a house for a integrate of nights though motionless not to pierce in as she didn’t feel gentle there.

Mr Matthews however claimed she still due a month’s lease and refused to give behind some of her effects until she paid a money.

Robb and her boyfriend, Gino Rachele, 42, drank a bottle of vodka and smoked a integrate of cannabis joints before determining to go to a bungalow only after 2.30am on Jan 29, 2014 – a day her son was due to start school.

The integrate pennyless into a bungalow and were stealing some of Robb’s confidence when they were confronted by Mr Matthews.

“The box for a charge is that we assaulted Mr Matthews in a loll room of a bungalow before to a involvement by Rachele,” a decider said.

“There was blood splatter on a walls of a loll room and floor. A ball bat and a steel rod, both stained with Mr Matthews’ blood, were found on a loll room floor.”

Justice Rush supposed Robb had caused Mr Matthews’ conduct injuries though not his fractured sternum.

He pronounced Rachele, who pleaded guilty to one count of fast causing damage and one count of fake seizure and concluded to give justification opposite Robb, had attempted to downplay his purpose in a conflict on Mr Matthews.

When Rachele, who perceived a one-year village improvement order, was being cross-examined during Robb’s trial, he concluded he told police, “I walked in and grabbed him and knocked him and took him to a ground.”

Mr Matthews after called triple-0 and told a user he had been bashed by “a lady and a bloke”. 

Justice Rush pronounced a justification indicated Mr Matthews died from a heart conflict 50 mins after caused by a highlight of a assaults and potentially from detriment of blood.

The decider pronounced Robb’s prospects for reconstruction were pretty clever given her girl and a resources of a offending.

He pronounced a Department of Human Services would confirm if Robb was authorised to keep her four-month-old child with her during a limit confidence Dame Phyllis Frost Centre women’s jail while she served her sentence. Inmates are authorised to keep children with them until a age of five.

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