Mixed feelings on dwindle on propagandize uniforms

May 14, 2016 - School Uniform

Pretoria – Debate on a devise to supplement a inhabitant dwindle to propagandize uniforms subsequent year raged on amicable media platforms on Thursday.

Some users upheld a thought instituted by Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi, job it a loyal call to patriotism.

But others criticised it, job it a “sad replacement” of a values that could urge a state of preparation in a country.

“Put your flags where we want, though it will not change anything, a whole education/schooling complement is in apocalyptic straits,” Facebook user Juliana Szatmary said.

Abby Koopedi pronounced preparation should come first.

“After attaching those flags I’m certain they will lapse to category where they will possibly have no clergyman or textbooks,” he said.

Explaining a preference to supplement a dwindle to uniforms opposite a nation by a start of a 2017 drill year, Lesufi on Wednesday told Twitter users that nationalism was not to be compromised.

Amid a amicable media charge after he done his skeleton famous around Twitter, a MEC said: “The dwindle is a inhabitant symbol… all immature people have to turn insinuate with it.”

His orator Oupa Bodibe pronounced no one would be forced to wear a flag, though relatives would be speedy to proviso it in as they bought new uniforms and transposed aged items. No child would be incited divided for not carrying a flag, he said.

The schoolchildren themselves would be roped in to stitch a dwindle on to a uniforms, Lesufi told a blogger seeking about a awarding of a proposal for a project.

But those in antithesis continued on to punch holes in his plans.

“This is a unfortunate move. The Constitution should be taught during propagandize though forcing everybody to supplement a dwindle to their uniform… flattering desperate,” pronounced @GrahamGersback.

Ali Mhlongo questioned a aptitude of a dwindle on uniforms to producing good results.

Wabenda Tshilenga’s grant to a discuss was stressing a need for peculiarity education.

“If a preparation complement becomes a best, relatives will even send their kids to propagandize naked,” he wrote.

The MEC’s bureau reliable that propagandize ruling bodies and uniform manufacturers opposite a range would be intent in discussions on a further of a flag.

The Pretoria News asked for opinions on a Facebook page in a post that reached some-more than 18 000 people.

Here are some responses:

Tshwanelo Mmutlana says it is “wishful thinking” and there are bigger problems in education.

Bianca R Vieira: Not if it is going to outcome in relatives carrying to spend additional on propagandize uniforms. we don’t see how adding a dwindle to a square of wardrobe is going to assistance students learn improved .

Her perspective was common by Ali Mhlongo who says uniforms do not urge results.

Humbelani Sitsula Tshiswaise says a schools are located inside a country, “not like a soccer group or other teams where we will be representing your country”.

Tebogo Modiselle says “all we wish is an glorious pass rate with peculiarity education”.

Angeline Schwan feels schools have their possess identities, and already have a SA dwindle flying.

Daphney Molewa says it is excellent if a supervision pays for that propagandize uniform and a propagandize fees.

Gertrude Rossouw says it would be improved to yield decent breakfasts or dishes for inspired children during their propagandize day.

Jonine Riekert says it will not assistance children who can't review or write, who do not have books to learn from or who do not even have schools.

There is also support for a idea. Yusuf Abramjee agrees while Ntsako Isaiah Risenga believes “it will really encourage a clarity of nationalism among immature children of all backgrounds. Rich or poor, we are all South Africans”.

Gilbert Magil Maphutha says it is a good thought and Zukisani Mbuli likes a thought though wants all schools to have a same peculiarity of education.

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