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March 14, 2015 - School Uniform

Dressing a kids for propagandize any morning can be a challenge, though for students in many Midland Independent School District schools, uniforms have taken divided a guesswork of what to wear. And for students whose relatives might not have a income in a bill to squeeze uniforms, 3:11 Ministries provides them for free.

The 3:11 Ministry goal is to partner with a village to yield for a needs of students in MISD schools. The impulse is biblically based. In Luke 3:11, when John a Baptist was asked by a people wanting to grieve for their sins what they should do, John answered, “The male with dual shirts should share with him who has none, and a one who has food should do a same.”  

Midlander Stephanie Wilbanks took a hymn to heart and founded 3:11 Ministries. In February, a organisation partnered with internal churches and businesses to collect propagandize uniforms. Collection sites were located via Midland and enclosed Crestview Baptist Church, Midland Bible Church, Mid-Cities Community Church, Stonegate Fellowship and Zeno Office Solutions. They were means to collect and broach 465 uniforms.  

3:11 Ministries is an expansion of a method Midland County Angels, also founded by Wilbanks, to yield Christmas gifts to internal students. In 2013 a organisation supposing 50 Christmas gifts for MISD students in need. The following year, after coordinating with propagandize counselors to consider needs, a Midland County Angels Christmas plan was means to yield 650 children with clothes, toys, hats, blankets, boots and stockings filled with goodies.  

“The village unequivocally came together,” pronounced Kendi Smith, 3:11 proffer coordinator. “They not usually adopted and supposing for these kids, though showed adult with jacket paper and reserve and came to hang everything.”

But shortly it became transparent that a students indispensable some-more than presents; they indispensable basics. Some of a kids they encountered were going to propagandize in a same uniform any day, wearing brief sleeves and shorts even in winter weather.  

“When we talked to propagandize counselors, they pronounced these kids need uniforms too; can we do that?” Wilbanks said. The answer came after she reached out to Midland churches and organizations. “Now we work with so many churches in a area, it’s not about denomination, it’s about bettering a community.”  

The classification teams with MISD propagandize counselors to brand families that are homeless or in a formidable mercantile situation. 3:11 Ministries skeleton to continue providing Christmas gifts any year, as good as providing uniforms for students.

“By providing a families with food, wardrobe and gifts, it brought a grin to their faces and let them know that others in a village caring for them and are compassionate,” pronounced Maureena Benavides, Lamar Elementary School counselor. “When children know they are cared for, they respond in kind. It is unequivocally a approach to indoctrinate and teach children completely, by vouchsafing them know a significance of caring for any other.”

For some-more information about 3:11 Ministries, call 934-7414 or email Donations can be mailed to P.O. Box 8402, Midland, 79708.

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