MCPSS responds to petition to finish propagandize uniforms

August 6, 2017 - School Uniform


An online petition job for an finish to propagandize uniforms in Mobile County open schools now has tighten to 4,000 supporters. This, as the propagandize year starts in usually two days.

But a Mobile County School System says, that’s not happening. 

As some relatives rush to get final notation propagandize reserve like uniforms, others are fighting to finish a propagandize system’s 20-year-old uniform policy. The categorical reason they say; uniforms don’t concede students to demonstrate themselves. Instead, a petition creators are suggesting a grave dress code. 

The creator, Layla Clements, writes:

“School uniforms have not been shown to urge tyro grades, assemblage or county far-reaching exam results. Students generally conflict propagandize uniforms, due to being out of uniform can outcome in some-more difficulty than there would be in a commencement if students did not have uniforms and usually went by a grave dress code. Overall, It is controversial if we can find several pivotal advantages to uniforms.”

As of Sunday night, 3,872 people have sealed a petition, though other parents say carrying uniforms cuts down on bullying and cost. 

“It’s an easier routine as distant as scheming for school, given we know that we need ‘X’ amount of uniforms, we go and get them, a child has them and that’s what they’re wearing,” says one parent.

“I consider that a uniforms shouldn’t be finished divided with given a lot of people don’t have a income to squeeze all a new garments and all a new fads that a children are wanting,” says Ramona Sumlin. 

We reached out to Superintendent Martha Peek’s bureau about a petition. The propagandize complement is station by a policy: 

“We are not deliberation changing a uniform policy. Uniforms can also assistance in a area of tyro safety. And by wearing uniforms, students demeanour veteran as we are scheming them to be college and career ready.

The petition is addressed to Superintendent Peek, propagandize house members, and a Executive Director of Student Support Services. It has been collecting signatures via a summer. No word nonetheless on when a petition will strech Peek’s desk.

The propagandize complement has had a uniform routine given 1997. 

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