Market Drayton high school’s new uniform sparks ire from parents

February 9, 2016 - School Uniform

PUBLISHED: Feb 8, 2016 18:29

A petition has been launched after a delegate propagandize announced a remodelled uniform.

With a new grey blazer Faye Thomas and Joshua Hartley from Year 11

Following a introduction of a new trademark to commemorate a 50th anniversary of Grove School in Market Drayton, a school’s comparison leaders wanted to incorporate a new pattern into a propagandize uniform.

So they asked a group of students to assistance them pattern a remodelled blazer and tie.

There has been churned feedback on a new grey blazer and some relatives have launched a petition to uncover they were not happy about a change.

A sum of 46 people have already sealed it. They have uttered concerns about a new uniform looking out of date and a fact it can't be purchased from anywhere though a propagandize provider, claiming it will cost some-more for those who would routinely buy a cheaper option.

Currently a school’s black blazer can be bought from any emporium and have a trademark stitched on to it.

More than 100 people have also commented on a town’s village Facebook page Drayton Crier.

On it Dawn Williams posted: “My son starts Grove in Sep so it doesn’t make a lot of disproportion that blazer we have to buy though this new one looks awful. It is like they’re perplexing to make it demeanour like a private propagandize though it usually looks inexpensive and nasty.”

And Jill Turner wrote: “The uniform and trademark was usually altered 3 years ago. Why change what is not broken? It looks awful.

“That grey will not rinse good and a trademark is too whitewashed.”

Ceris Todd added: “My children pronounced a infancy voted black though Mrs Taylor pronounced a grey would demeanour better. we have emailed a propagandize also as I’m not happy with it. My youngest daughter starts Sep 2017 so 3 children in Grove is £90 smallest for usually blazers. Not a happy primogenitor here.” The new grey blazer and tie will be accessible to all Year 7 students starting this Sep and existent students are asked to reinstate their blazer and tie by Sep 2017. The rest of a uniform will sojourn a same.

The cost of a new blazer ranges from £27.99 to £32.99, depending on size.

Headteacher Sonia Taylor said: “Students voted in public if they wanted a grey or black blazer. The formula were roughly a 50/50 separate so we asked staff as well. The altogether feeling was that a grey blazer was best.

“It looks so smart. It is a high peculiarity so will final a prolonged time.”

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